My Latest Obsession

Few days back, my sister-in-law asked me which idol am I passionate about and after some thought, I thought BAP is pretty close to my expectations of idol. Aka, closest to my preferences.

But I am crazy about Anderson Cooper nowadays especially since I came across CNN tweet about his New Year countdown gig with Kathy Griffin.

I dont remember exactly when I started took notice of AC. I mean, I remember my once-favourite Long Island Medium was on his show and a few other encounters here and there. I even pay attention to CNN news occasionally yet I didnt know that he is the primary anchor there.

What do I love about AC?

I see a little of myself in him. Both of us are weird when it comes to food, we often miss out on the latest pop culture or tv show trends and we are uncomfortable around raunchy topics. Oh, we love hotdogs because they are simple.

I also appreciate his split personality. How serious and professional he is about his work as a journalist, yet he is so full of rubbish and giggles around Kathy.

One segment I came across on YouTube is how he carried a child from a riot (?) and even ditched his camera to ensure the kid escapes from the chaos. And how he presses on in interviews to get the big figures to face the questions of reality with substantial answers, and have the courage to deal with people who are full of rubbish.

What else? He has a cute dog that shows his affectionate side, and despite coming out of the closet, he isnt all that FLAMING gay. Why do I dislike flaming gay behaviour? That doesnt make homophobic. Flaming gay behaviour is like a straight girl going after every guy she sees ina high profile manner, and feels justified because “Yeah, I am straight!”

Yeah. And not to mention how clever and expressive he is on shows and in interviews. He doesnt have to talk fast or be offensive to get his points across. That, I think, makes him a rare gem and a perfect role model for myself.


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