Back to Work

Back to work (covering events) after a… not-short hiatus.


The first thing that always stress me out is getting to new locations. Indoor stadium, Esplanade, Max Pavilion.. these are alright, they are well-known. So far the one that worried me the most is Sentosa Cove Hotel, or something like that.

Basically it’s a hotel that is located at the innermost area of Sentosa and in order to get in and out of that place, I had to cab. Not to mention, the cabbie who drove me into that place was awed by a white dog (somewhat like husky but pure white breed) and missed the right turn. Even more money.

Yes, he said, “oops, I should have turned just now, was looking at that white dog, did you see it?”

Oh~ cabbies.

Am I digressing?

So anyway! Covering events is a great way to learn and grow. Finding new places, getting a better sense of direction, meeting new people, dealing with a wide spectrum of problems…

The second thing that never fail to freak me out is PR people. The friendly kind. The TOO FRIENDLY kind.

As I get myself out of the frame of “how do I get there”, some PR people would greet me with HI WE MEET AGAIN!! Followed by a HUGE smile.

Yeah.. Hi. (OS: Panicking and trying to recall where we might have met before.) Gosh, it never fails to bring me a sense of guilt.

But I guess I am not the only one bad with faces. Just see how the western news misused Lee Hom’s photo for Jacie sentence news today.

Okay, I feel better!


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