Bass it is, so what?

My favourite news today got to be that Meghan Trainor would be in Singapore this April. I’m not a HUGE fan but I do agree with her belief of self empowerment.

I’m sure all of us had similar experiences in one way or another –

– Being in tallest girl/guy in class in primary school, and being laughed at for “reaching puberty first”

– People commenting that “you’re so tanned!” “your girlfriend isn’t very pretty huh?” “wow you’ve gain/lost weight”

– Woah why your hair so oily today?

On the whole, just encountering people who make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, of your own choices.

Now that Meghan Trainor wrote a song about how she doesn’t give a – about what people think of her uniqueness, netizens start to blabber about how she is trying to lose weight, how her photos and posters are still photoshopped and all, not realizing that that is an entirely different matter.

I am one those people who hardly bother with makeup (unless I’m going for shoot, for work or to some higher class places) but that doesn’t mean that I’m comfortable in my own skin.

“I’m bringing booty back
Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches Hey
No, I’m just playing I know you think you’re fat,
But I’m here to tell you that,
Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top”

Unlike what the “skinny haters” think, Meghan hasn’t got a thing against skinny people. Those skinny haters probably didn’t read the 3rd-5th lines about how she knows that they may feel uncomfortable in their own skin too. And it’s true!

I used to be one of those people who don’t believe it when models say they feel fat. But after all these years, I feel like I’ve seen some believable cases. Granted, maybe some of them are just fishing for compliments (“what? you’re skinny/skinnier than me!”) but some of them do feel inadequate.

If I had to write a song, it’d be about those people who always have mean or inappropriate comment about others. 

What does my body have to do with you?
You’ve had 2 meals and I’ve been starving all day because I was busy at work, so you have no right to say I can’t eat more than your definition of “one portion”.
Why do you have to give people the condescending look or comment?
How does putting people down benefit you?
Are you doing so well yourself that you can constructively help with your comment?
Or are you putting people down because your life is as sad as it can be?

Yeah, those are the – who deserve more hate. Waaaay more hate.

(I would be so grateful if they don’t exist, especially now that Chinese New Year is just around the corner. #AnnoyingAunties)


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