Maroon 5 – Bringing love and smiles

Maroon 5’s Sugar has been trending for a while now but it’s only today that I finally decided to watch it.

Usually I wouldn’t click on most of the music videos that are trending. There’s no reason at all. Okay maybe for the most part, I’m afraid there would be scenes that are NSFW.

But I certainly didn’t regret watching this MV! I mean, how awesome would it be for those couples and guests? Maybe some of them had a long day, had a hell period planning out the wedding? Imagine the excitement when those couples look at each other wondering is this a surprise for me from you?!

Maroon 5 - Sugar

Anyway I just think it’s EPIC! And in the modern age, it’s also rare that flashmobs are meaningful and full of love in an organic way.

We certainly need more of this than those spreading fear! Like, the Merlion TV guys from Singapore. Or those pranking people who actually have the intention to do good.

So yeah, spread the love!


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