A Change In Perspective

My mum and I always have a lot to talk about, whether it’s reading people on the streets or just random observations we make, I feel like it’s the main reason why I’ve become the observant person that I am.

Sometimes we have different opinions and sometimes we laugh when we realize we are thinking about the same thing without saying a word.

So last night my mum and I headed out for dinper (dinner-supper) in the neighbourhood when we saw a mum with 3 children burning joss paper along the main road.

First thing first – some people think that Buddhists would burn joss paper and those bank notes for the dead, but I guess there’re two kinds of Buddhists? One is more integrated with Taoism, in my opinion. So I’m the kind who doesn’t burn joss paper and am actually against it because of the environmental damage it does.

So typically, when my mum witness a family burning joss paper, we would feel like… they are passing on a tradition that harms the environment.

But last night though, I didn’t say a thing about the sight, but instead told my mum, “Yeah, we’re thinking about the same thing.”

Here’s my nursery-level sketch of the sight.


Mum: I was thinking more along the line that at least the parent is passing on the tradition of remembering the loved ones, the ancestors.

Me: Yeah, that’s what I thought too!

I guess people grow with age and sometimes something clicks in us and we start to see things from a different perspective.

At least the mum is passing on some culture values – remembering the loved ones, thanking our ancestors, gratitude, family unity, sincerity and respect. Why not?

It’s just funny how we’ve changed our perspectives at the same exact point. 🙂


One thought on “A Change In Perspective

  1. Yup I totally agree. While culture values are different, I felt traditions should be pass-on for the next generation, much like festivals, cultural practices and so on. Its a belief people practices each day.

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