I am on Instagram!

Finally created my Instagram account yesterday!

Usually I’d stay away from creating new platform accounts because I feel that it’s extremely exhausting to keep up and people always try to set rules that they deem fit. For exmaple, some people would whine that others shouldn’t put quotes, should only share positive messages (no pimple breakout or emo stuff) and so on. My question is – WHY?

Or rather, why not?

Social media isnt supposed to be about flaunting. It shouldnt be a competition platform to see who had a nicer lunch or who has more friends, more likes, more followers. It should, in my opinion, be about who you are and what you think.

Sure, dont go overboard with posting suicidal messages every half an hour, but hey, I get annoyed with people who portray unrealistic lifestyle too.

If you feel that you should have the freedom to portray a fictitious lifestyle of booze, party, happiness and companionship, please also respect people whose daily lives are about their babies, their family, their outfits and their thoughts.

Yes, so back to the point about Instagram. I feel that pictures are an elaboration of the 140 characters on Twitter and Facebook is about sharing photos, memories and opinions. So I didnt see a reason for Instagram. Plus, I have read about how it makes people feel shitty about their own lives. Why should I make myself feel horrible and exhausted?

But hey, it’s 20-f-15, if I ever give anything new a shot, it has got to be now.

So yes! Follow me on Instagram – I am about a little bit of everything! The good, the bad and the mundane.



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