Friends are like Chocolates


I am not a fan of chocolates.

Sure, I still have a preference for certain brands and flavours but on the whole, I am just not a fan. I feel that as we get older, we get exposed to more variety, in particular, chocolates that are increasingly expensive. Aka, ATAS.

But my ultimate favorite hasnt changed – Twix!

When I was younger and had to make regular trips to hospital for blood tests, I would always go for the vending machine outside of the department to get a Twix, because it would help a lot with my giddiness.

As I took this photo at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, I suddenly felt like.. chocolates are like the people in our lives! You know?

As we get older, the people we meet are more dazzling. They arent wearing the same clothes but instead, have different styles and fashion and opinions. But no matter how many well-packaged people you meet as you grow up, you’ll always remember the one person who was there at the most crucial point in your life. The one who made the biggest difference, left the biggest impact or appeared when you needed them most.

…am I a little crazy to be calling my friends chocolates? XD


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