A Tour on Celebrity Cruise

Thanks to the invitation of a good friend and ex-colleague, I’ve had the honour to visit the Celebrity Cruise as it docked at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre today (Saturday)!

I met up with my former boss and her husband at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre in the afternoon. It was great to see the old familiar faces and I have to admit, I’m a mountain turtle when it comes to cruises. I’ve never been on one, unless you consider the boats to Pulau Ubin and Batam legit.

The first hurdle we had to get through was the endless ID checks. We had to go to level one to get visitor passes, then head back to level two for luggage scanning (we only had our tote/sling bags, lol). Then to a custom where they check our ID against our passes, then another similar procedure before we enter the cruise premises. Oh and pssst! Hands sanitized!

Visit on Celebrity Cruise 46 Visit on Celebrity Cruise 45

On our way into the cruise, we can actually see the line of emergency boats. Apparently each capacity is 150 people and they usually prepare more than the actual number of passengers + crew onboard.

The only chance I had to see such cruises up close is in movies – you know the retro classic scenes where people wave goodbye at the pier? Yup, that.

Anyway, after all the ID checking and hand sanitizing, the first room we visit on the cruise was the theatre. It’s like the first level of Esplanade Theatre but with a classical vintage touch in style! I also love the design concept such that the seats are not separate seats but a long couch instead.

Visit on Celebrity Cruise 1

Visit on Celebrity Cruise 34

I mean, wouldn’t it be nice if we had a cinema like this in Singapore? Instead of selling individual seats, you sell “bench bulk seats”, so friends can get together, “buy” a bench for either a spacious 3-seater or a cosy 6 or 7-seater! Or even for couples who would love to watch a movie while resting their heads on their other half!

Puff Heechul LapI’ve even thought of the tagline!

–Cherish every date like Valentine’s day.–

So anyway, the next place we past by was the bar. I love the colours! The stripped down version would be my ideal home!

Visit on Celebrity Cruise 2

Another thing I really love about the cruise is the presence of artwork along the corridors. Sounds pretentious, but I believe that you’re only truly relaxed when you’re taking the time to appreciate the finest details in life. So when you’re taking the time to look at these masterpieces while you wind on along the corridor, you feel more like an observant and appreciative person.

Visit on Celebrity Cruise 4 Visit on Celebrity Cruise 44

Meetup with Tre! 17

Another interesting place we visited was the cafe or restaurant of sort. It cost about USD5 to eat there and oh my, even my school anniversary dinner or any wedding banquet I’ve been to cannot compare to its ambiance and luxurious feel.

Visit on Celebrity Cruise 10

It’s also my first time knowing about “The Captain’s Table”. It is right in the middle of the window seats, and is oval-shaped unlike the usual circular tables.

Meetup with Tre! 11

Apparently it’s some kind of honour to be able to dine with the Captain? I did a quick search online and some ways of getting a seat at the table seem to be –

  • Pleasant interaction with the Social Hostess on board
  • Being a repeat cruiser
  • Fitting demographics of the cruise target audience
  • Being a person of interest to the Captain
  • Being really rich
  • Living in the higher class cabins

And the perks of being invited to the Captain’s table include free flow wine, exemplary service, special dishes, exceptionally long dinner, and a visit to the bridge (ship equivalent of a control room I guess).

Personally… I wouldn’t want to be invited, to be honest. I mean, I’d be so self-conscious and feel really bad if I don’t finish the food. And what if I don’t know what to talk about OR WORSE, I say the wrong thing?! I’d rather have a meal #foreveralone than to have companions but suffer from indigestion or starvation…

Meetup with Tre! 9 Meetup with Tre! 8Visit on Celebrity Cruise 12

But apart from the Captain’s table, the rest of the restaurant looks really pretty and artistic. The way they display the wine is absolutely stunning too! If I were to have a display cabinet like this in my home someday, I’d love to display all my filming equipment!! Think along the line of equipment museum/gallery. I’d wake up every day feeling over the moon!

But then again, it’d be an open call for robbery. No chance to stage the movie-like breaking in of a high-security safe, all they do is shatter the glass and wipe out my house. Noooooooo!!!

On to another dining place –

Meetup with Tre! 21I find it incredible that every corner on the cruise looks picture perfect. It’s like I’m living in the Google Picture Search, if you know what I mean!

According to my friend, this particular cruise we are on was built in 1995, which means it’s actually quite ancient, being 20 years old this year. Nonetheless, I appreciate the strong artistic architecture design and vintage vibe.

Also check out the view from one of the highest point on the cruise! It’s actually the jogging track area, and it was super windy when we went up!

Visit on Celebrity Cruise 29 Visit on Celebrity Cruise 30 Visit on Celebrity Cruise 37

There’s a Chinese saying that describes weak girls as “so weak that she cannot withstand even a gust of wind” (弱不禁风) but I actually got to experience that today. It was unbelievably hilarious and memorable!

Visit on Celebrity Cruise 36

The only area that was under-wow was the Teen Center. To describe it bluntly, it’s just like our government trying to connect with the people.

Why do I say that?

Visit on Celebrity Cruise 41

You’re greeted with a just-as-pretty door with a label that seems to be what you are interested in. But when you push open the door, there’s nothing much. Maybe a few things that adults seem to think youths would enjoy.

Visit on Celebrity Cruise 38 Visit on Celebrity Cruise 39As if that’s not underwhelming enough, they put up posters of pop celebrities in a try-too-hard attempt to make the place feel hip.

Doesn’t that just remind you of our leaders hopping onto the social media bandwagon but failing in ways like talking in third person, posting a controversial joke, or telling us what they think would impress us?

Sometimes I think they need to learn to be like the ship – yes, I’m old, but I have my unique aged style. To like me or not is your preference, but to be able to win you over is my strength.

That being said, I still love my country a lot. Maybe I don’t feel the love all the time (saying otherwise is simply too fake) but whenever I feel a burning sense of pride seeing the Singapore flag fly high I just know it’s where I love and belong. 😀

Visit on Celebrity Cruise 24

Thanks a lot, Tré, for the invitation! I really appreciate the eye-opening chance to learn more about the cruise!

But I feel that if I ever really book a vacation on the cruise, I’d have severe withdrawal syndrome post-vacation! It’s simply my kind of fantasy land.


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