That One Ray of Hope

That One Ray of Hope

I’ve had a bit of setbacks since 2015 began and I’m sure it’s apparent in my last blog post, where I talked about being asked to wait… and wait… and wait… endlessly, fruitlessly.

Recently I’ve been feeling defeated and caught myself wondering – why me? Why only me? 

It’s funny, the way fate is. People do the same things as me, and they get a good outcome, while all I get is… nothing. Nothingness. Why? I kept asking myself. Then passively, I talked myself into believing that I’m just unlucky and unlikeable, to a point when I was really convinced.


My phone rang. The reply came. A favourable one.

That PR person would never know how much her email meant to me today. It’s time like this when people trample on you that such little hopes mean SO much more to me. :’)

Thank you for being that one ray of hope I needed.


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