11 Years Later


After covering a press conference today, I met up with a CCA senior for dinner.

What happened was I saw him on the bus one day but I didn’t dare to say hi because I wasn’t sure if it was him PLUS he was asleep. If it didn’t work out either way, I would be labeled a creeper. It’s only after he alighted that I whatsapp-ed him… and then we said to meet for dinner.

Which was tonight.

It was surreal.

Firstly, I’m the kind of person who leaves people from the past in the past. If our paths are different and we cannot relate, I’m okay with letting it go. I’d rather we distant than to feel awkward and/or miserable spending time together without a common topic (other than ‘those were the days’).

But I guess he meant a little something special because back in secondary school, someone once went to the chatbox on my blog to scold me. And despite having many friends then, he was the only one who stood up for me and told the person to * off… in a subtle way.

It was the first time I realized that having many friends had no value, if none of them would stand up for you when you need one. That, and I was very thankful for his help.

It has been 10 years since we last met, 11 years since we first met.

Yeah, I was worried that it’d be awkward or something but it was a cool, chill get together. You know, being able to go back in time can be pretty cool.

We didn’t need to talk about the hip stuff now, no social media interference, and we just talk about things that didn’t really matter. It felt… comforting, in a sense, and I realized how much I miss this feeling in the modern era.

There’s always someone whipping out the phone, there’s always a phone call, there’s always.. always something else. So this was like back in time in a good way. A peaceful and quietly interesting dinner.

I think I’ve grown up a little too. I’m thankful for them in those days and I’m okay to face them again. I hope the best for all those I’ve left in my past. 🙂


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