Leave while there’s still Love


Haven’t had the time to sit down and pen my thoughts in a while, but one issue has been bugging me lately.

I am an avid reader… of YouTube comments. I often see fans leaving comments like “Thumbs up if you’ve been a ___ fan since their ____ (first debut work)” but it never really registered to me the gravity of the statement.

Why do I say that?

I am a fan of YouTube, and many YouTubers from Singapore and overseas. There’s a someone I really liked from a long way back and really enjoyed the videos – puts forth about his/her life. As time goes by, life changes, things changes, his/her lifestyle changes and I begin to see changes in his/her videos. It wasn’t about “I hate that you change”. It’s disappointing because I see what fame can do to people.

It’s ironic to me how many well-known people often say they love their fans, their followers, and they wouldn’t be where they are if not for the support, only to see them turn their backs to the fans in a second.

The sad thing is, I’m quite blind to my idols’ mistakes. They are always perfect to me. Until someone points it out.

One day I was watching his/her video, and a good friend told me to skip it because it made him cringe. The sincerity and love said didn’t seem real to him. I was taken aback – are you doubting my choice of idols?

But then, slowly bit by bit, I understood what he meant.

I know famous people have a lot of ideas on their minds, their own lives to live and are ultimately, busy. But having the sincerity to make the words you put forth in your videos count when the recording light is out, is just as important if not more. You can keep saying that I am busy, I’m planning my next big project, I can’t possibly reply everyone. 

Here’s a fact too – of all the YouTubers people see, every one of your fan chose a selective few too. And you’re one of them. They also have their own lives to live, their own plans, their own career. Don’t you think they deserve respect and your understanding too?

Then came a chance to meet my idol in person. And I became even more disappointed.

If fans really mean so much to you, why are you in such a hurry to shake everyone off?

Of course, I would like to say, I wish he/she hadn’t changed into such a hypocritical person because of fame. But is that fair to him/her? No. Because he/she worked hard to get to where he/she is. If he/she cannot stay true to himself/herself, I’d just have to let it go. I just think it’s a pity but maybe that’s just me. And a little sad that the idol image in my mind is a thing of the past.

It isn’t a big deal though – some fans would be equivalently upset to see their idols fart or dig their nose onstage. It’s just a natural stage of infatuation-support-faith-believe-doubtful-letting go-moving on. It happens all the time, everywhere.

My point is – if you see that your idol has changed, don’t deny their hard work from the point when you first started to appreciate them. Take a step back, and be a less vocally-supportive fan. Check out how he/she is dealing with fans who are vocal with their opinions. If you think he/she isn’t worthy of your love and support anymore, just unsubscribe and unlike. Move on. There is no point leaving hate on their videos every single time. You’re wasting your time because ain’t nobody will change for you.

Leave while there’s still love, or you’d meet along the path of hatred next. 


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