Customer Service & Communication

Weeks ago, my family decided to head to a neighbourhood McDonald’s outlet for supper and get-together. Unfortunately, the large cup of tea toppled over and even spilled a little on the lady sat next to us, and the rest all over the floor.

My mum and brother decided to get tissue to clean up the mess manually. As much as they could, at least.

My first reaction was to go to the counter.

“Hi we spilled a cup of drinks over there, I’m really sorry about that, could you please help to call the cleaner? We’re afraid people would slip and fall.”

It is sugary liquid after all. What if some kid hit himself on the head after slipping?

The girl at the cashier responded by asking, “What drink did you spill?”

I was a little furious and quickly repeated myself. Did it really matter what drink I spilled? You mean there’s a different mop for each drink?! What is she thinking?!

We finally understood each other after a while – she wanted to get me a new cup of drink.

I’m not greedy, and that wasn’t my point! It’s late at night, many families are in the restaurant, I didn’t want any accident to happen!!

I guess it’s part of their SOP – replace the drink, deal with the mess later, even if the customer is more concerned about the latter.

The incident made me realize that sometimes customer service should be more about the communication process, than the outcome (service). Yes, you have your SOP, but my number one concern as a customer was the danger we’ve caused by accident. I’d have appreciated if she explained herself more clearly, and dealt with my concern first.

Of course, at the end of the day, the mess was cleared, we got a new cup of drink, both issues were solved. But it was a greater reminder that people have to learn to communicate better.


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