Why Politics is not constructive… Sometimes.

Logged onto YouTube and saw Time’s posting of the following video – President Obama was emotional when speaking about gun control and how innocent young lives were lost.

Sometimes I feel sad for Times and many news media. Because some of them are working so hard sometimes for causes that actually mean something. Unlike Singapore trending videos, many of which seemed more like selling sex than selling infotainment.

Yet, there are so many cynical and trolling comments on the video.

Sometimes I think “the people’s opinions”, politics and “expert opinions”are redundant. Why?

No matter which issue political figures tackle, you can always say, there’s another issue that’s more important.

Say for example, as a commoner, I see a lot of cockroaches in my estate. So I write in a request for a more frequent cleaning schedule.

You can say, oh, why not spend the time on solving the problem of MRT breaking down? Or third party apps ridiculous inflation and disruption to our taxi services?

Then someone else can say, well, our political leadership renewal is an even “bigger issue” because without good leadership how can you solve the problems?

And someone from overseas would say, you guys are wasting so much time on the small issues. Haven’t you seen what ISIS has done? Terrorism in other countries? Hunger in Africa? Syrian refugees problems?

The truth is – there’s always more than one problem, but you can only do so much at one time. 

Sure, the gun control issue is sort of taking advantage of people’s attention but wouldn’t it piss people off if he focuses on something else instead? Why is a leader paying attention to what the people care about called “taking advantage of the situation”? Doesn’t focusing on something the people don’t care as much considered “disconnected” in some sense?

Some decisions are favourable to the people, but usually any decision would impact different groups of people in both good and bad ways. You can’t please everyone all the time. So if that’s what the leader is pushing for, shouldn’t the team focus on the issue and help to solve THAT issue at hand? Instead of everyone talking about other issues that yeah, they are also important, but diverting the focus and getting nothing done?

It’s like a basketball team on the court and instead of passing the ball around to get it into the goal, everyone has a ball and fights to be the one starting the match. In the end, there’s no beginning so there’s definitely no outcome.

And then comes to the “expert opinion”on how to solve the problems.

Firstly – how do you divide a piece of paper into two?

You can fold it into half and cut it, randomly tear it, use a paper cutter, use a shredder and split what’s left into two bundles.

And that’s just a small problem.

So how about big issues like gun control? Do you deal with the bad guys, the general public or just crimes in general first?

I don’t get how the majority favours expanded background checks but yet nothing can be done.

I don’t get how leaders are put in positions where they can speak but ultimately, being told that they don’t have the power to do this or that. I don’t care how many people make up a team, but someway somehow, come up with something that can be done and go DO IT. TEST IT OUT.  IMPROVE FROM THERE.

You know who are the people who are really making it hard to solve problems?

The other leaders who are saying it isn’t going to work before even trying. Or simply because the solution doesn’t align with their own agendas and positions.

The other associations who say it’s not going to be of much help before even trying. And yet when asked how else it should be done, they say that they cannot disclose what they have in mind. -_-

Isn’t someone trying to solve a problem in actions way more commendable than someone else who has done nothing right with just words?

Sure, Obama shouldn’t have “put on a show” and shed tears for the innocent young lives. So you better make sure the next time you see news of bombing, of terrorism, of innocent lives lost in natural disasters, mass shootings or freak accidents, you don’t shed a drop of tear or even go aww. Because that’s just hypocritical of you. You must have some sort of personal agenda too.



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