Spring 2016 Trends To Rock This CNY

Note: This post is inspired by the 16 spring trends spotted by Elle.com.

Fashion is awesome. But more often than not, those runway looks can be hard to pull off when you’re not a model. BUT I found some wearable Spring 2016 trends that you can find from local (Singapore) blogshops.

I’ve browsed over 40 blogshops to find these items, mostly from their New Arrivals section. Do grab them before they are gone!


Continuing from the fall fashion trend last year, suede pieces are here to stay this spring. While suede coats may not make sense in local weather, suede shorts can add a little fun when paired with sophisticated tops.

1. Suede - Hollyhoque

[ Suede shorts by Hollyhoque, $31.90, $31, $15]

SPRING TREND #2: Wide-Legged

Wide-legged pants are yet another signature 70’s trend but many local blogshops have adapted them into matching 2-pieces or jumpsuits for a fresher overall look. It’s a great fuss-free look when you are in a rush!

2. Wide-Legged Bottom

[7heoryofseven $42.50; MichSara $31; LoveBonito $39]


Spotted on Givenchy’s runway show among others, the X-cross design exudes an effortless chic vibe with its halter neck and off-shoulder style. Local blogshops have adapted the trend into more wearable pieces, perfect for any occasion.

3. X Factor

[Supergurl $25.90; Theclosetlover $28.90; LoveBonito $42]

SPRING TREND #4: Ruffles

Ruffles are back! Some guys just don’t get it but many girls do love dressing up princess-y. Blogshops like Megagamie have incorporated ruffles from the formal flare style, creating cute silhouettes with a whimsical vibe.

4. Ruffles

[Megagamie $49.50; Megagamie $42; Intoxiquette $32]

SPRING TREND #5: Knife Pleats

After the bold style of carwash pleats last season, designers are scaling down to knife pleats this spring. These thin pleats can add a charming touch of elegance to your look. Don’t be afraid if this isn’t your usual style – just make sure you find the right pleats for your height and curves!

Not to mention, they are awesome for festive binging. #PartnersInCrime

5. Knife Pleats

[Tracyeinny $26.90; Megagamie $35; Threadtheory $37.50]

SPRING TREND #6: Marbled Grey

Some people are not comfortable with bright colours and prefer to stick to black, white and grey. That’s cool too. But that doesn’t mean you have to look cuiii. Marbled grey can still be fashionable if you choose an interesting silhouette.

6. Marbled Grey

[Rockstar $35; Rockstar $45; Michsara $31]


The net element is suitable for adventurous souls. It sets a tone for your look, and it takes the right amount of accessories, layering and styling to pull off the look without looking like a fish out of water (caught in a net, get it?).

Here’s a tip – when storing these clothes, turn them inside out so that the lining fabric can protect the netting from accidental damage like entangling or tearing.

7. Net

[Michsara $59; Runway Bandits $32; Faire Belle $36.90]

SPRING TREND #8: Vibrant Colours and Floral

Designers like Michael Kors and Dion Lee have injected some vibrant colours into their spring collection this year. With Victorian style and Spanish influences, red-black combination, bright orange pieces and luxurious floral prints have also wowed the fashion scene this spring.

The vibrancy of these elements mean that they stand out with minimal accessorizing – one less thing for you to worry about!

8. Colors and Floral

[Faire Belle $30; Lara-J $52; Rockstar $49]




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