Simply Teenagers


Was onboard the train when 3 teenage girls boarded.

Two of them filled the seats on my either side, and the third girl stood in front of me just so they can continue chatting.

“Eh how do you define formal dress?”

One of the girls proceeded to take out her phone and find a picture.

“But your style is so chic already what,” said other.

‘Oh my gosh. You know —? She went to add my cousin on social media. She doesnt even know her!’

Stuck awkwardly between them, I was mildly annoyed.

Just then, another commuter alighted so the third girl could sit beside them.

Instinctively, I offered to swap seats so that they could sit together. (….okay to be entirely honest, so that I could get out of their ‘space’.)

Surprisingly — All the three of them looked at me, smiled and said “thank you”.

Some way somehow, it reminded me when I was THEM. Teenagers. Those were the things we worried about and discussed aloud.

How do we look today? Damn that zit. Is this shirt considered smart casual? Was that trendy?

It’s not fair to say that they are shallow. But rather, they are still in their carefree years.

When I grew up and realized there is so much more to worry about than my clothes and clique, I realized how laughable our teenage concerns sound to others.

Someday these three girls would blossom into young adults. I hope they would be as pleasant and positive about life as they are today. ♡


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