I guess it’s Good Bye.

People have said a lot of crap about journalists.

How we invade privacy, like to ask unfavorable questions and are basically a bunch of people “who simply don’t have any talent”.

But despite of the stereotypes, the pay, the tough nature of the job, I really take pride in being a journalist.

I’m not going to war ground or doing some era-changing noble assignment, but I try to find the best in people who deserve better. I like to think of myself as someone who helps to find and promote people who are talented but less known of. I think they deserve to shine.

But of course there’s always the catch about survival.

So I decided to do some things that I don’t like in order to keep doing what I like.

But I cannot stand it when people cheapen the work. I’m okay with churning, but I’m not okay with churning rubbish. Especially when people have already stated that they didn’t want to read those rubbish.

I much rather you ask me to churn original, positive and constructive reads. It’s going to be tougher, more time-consuming but it’s doing the world a lot more good isn’t it?

But I guess our ideologies don’t match. You’re about numbers, I’m about writing from the heart. So this is a goodbye? But a good choice. A good bye.

Someday somehow someone would appreciate me for the work I do. Until that day  comes, I’m gonna keep trying to do the world good.


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