A Powerful Moment

Writing while on the train again. 🙂

Was seated on the train when a family of four boarded. The grandmother is obviously a foreigner, then there was the mother, a little girl and their family friend.

If you think about it, only the grandmother and girl would need the priority seats but ideally they want to sit together, right?

So how do you make that happen when the seats are all taken and there is only one priority seat?

The answer? Nothing.

Three of us seated beside the priority seat stood up simultaneously. They were a little flustered and thanked us for the seats, leaving the mum standing.

Funny enough, it was the guy in his early-40s who remained seated. On the priority seat.

What’s more interesting is that the guy obviously knows he is doing something wrong. When our eyes met, he reluctantly gave up his seat too.

That was a powerful moment to me. We are not obligated to give up our seats because technically speaking, we paid the same fare and they arent exactly “those who need it more than we do”.

But there is a somewhat established but unwritten set of moral values that we adhere to. If you know what is right, never be afraid to do it without being told.

It is what makes us human beings.


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