6 Reasons to Respect Animal Lovers

Not everyone understands or accept the work of animal lovers, particularly those who put themselves in danger to protect the little ones. So… Here are six reasons why I feel animal lovers (especially those working/volunteering at shelters) should be respected. 🙂

  1. They have a lot of love to give.

    Of course. We have our family, friends and co-workers. But animal lovers still have so much more love to offer for the little ones. Imagine working for five days and the weekend is finally here. Instead of lazing in their beds, these animal lovers would make the effort to care for the animals, even if it means travelling out of the way to secluded estates or cleaning up their poops.

  2. They ace empathy.

    Animal lovers have the ability to “humanize” animals, even if people do not believe so. How do you communicate with an animal who doesn’t speak the same language and may act unpredictably? Animal lovers are patient and observant, taking note of the slightest details. The sweetest part is seeing them reassuring an animal at the vet. They don’t just know that it’s scary. They actually understand.

  3. They put others above themselves.

    Animal lovers have big hearts. Their life priorities are such that they often care about others more than themselves. They are okay with animals snuggling in their space. They are willing to sacrifice their own time to accompany the pets. Have you seen those YouTube videos where the shelter volunteers risk their own lives to save a stray dog in abandoned houses?


  4. They are capable of financial planning.

    It can be expensive to have a pet. Or run an animal shelter, even if you receive some form of financial assistance. So animal lovers don’t just give love, they actually have to make financial plans in order to give animals what they need to be healthy and happy. We have so many wants in life, most of which are extremely excessive. But these shelter volunteers make good use of every cent because that concerns the lives of those they feel responsible for.

  5. They have seen through life and death.

    For those who have pets or have been looking after animals for a long time, they have definitely seen more departures than others, especially since animals have shorter lifespans in general.

    It’s always touching and heartbreaking to see dog owners post on social media about their beloved pet passing away, and how they spent the final moments together, saying the final goodbyes. And then you see what great effort they made for the animal to be cremated and laid in peace.

    If it’s me, once would be enough. But no, next thing you know, they are opening their hearts to adopt another dog in order to save them from euthanasia.

  6. They are tough souls.

    At the end of the day, you can be sure that animal lovers are tough souls. They have much heavier responsibilities, more to worry about and are often rushing to the rescue of stranded little ones. They have to assure a dog when it is scared, forgive a pet when it misbehaves or create a mess and at the end of the day, accept the fact that these animals would leave them within years.

    When someone doesn’t have the obligation to take on responsibility but they do, you can be sure that they are worth keeping, loving and trust.


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