McDonalds Stories


Not everyone likes McDonalds, especially the health conscious folks. And parents.

Some people dont understand people who love McDonalds. People like me. So let me share my story. 🙂

My mum isn’t one of those strict parents. I could have a whole tube of Mentos and she couldnt care less. Born and raised in a Chinese family, she doesnt speak English. But in order to let us try McDonalds, one fine day, she finally mustered the courage to bring us there.

We didnt know what set meal, extra value meals were. We knew burgers. Fries. Coke.

My brothers are extremely intelligent. So gradually they learnt to order other burgers, other sides. I had to learn how to get Ketchup. I started with plain burger because I didnt know what mayo was. It was an enjoyable bonding process nonetheless.

When I was graduating from primary school, my Chinese teacher had promised to treat us to McChicken burgers (the cheapest then) but we didnt manage to find the time.

So she called us to the staffroom and gave us $2 each.

In adult terms, that’s like getting salary bonus.

Fast forward to this day – McDonalds is unhealthy. True. But it symbolizes the moments of love and cherish for me. The precious time spent with my family. The love and acknowledgement from my teacher. My journey of socializing and “bravery” to ask for ketchup.

When you look at McDonalds beyond the food, you’ll see why people like me love them so much. 🙂


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