Until You Are There

Facebook fatigue.

I didnt join Facebook back during my school days. Sure, I feel left out every now and then but I was glad not to be part of those social media wars among my classmates.

Much later on when people got tired talking about Facebook Fatigue, I decided to join to reconnect with people who mattered in my life.

As much as I got to avoid the whole friendship drama back then, I still got tired with the Facebook negativity.

One group of people in particular, I would call, the S.A.C.A. Self-Appointed Character Assasinators. Well, the coincidental pronunciation is a bonus.

What annoys me is how they comment on current news, politics and even the most innocent of status updates.

They take pride in having “clean personality”, not taking bribes, treehugging and just better than everyone else in general. But what I want to say is this, however controversial/annoying that may be:

– Don’t assume you would have done better in someone else’s shoes. You never really know how you would react to the temptations if you have never been exposed to them.

Money for example. People always ask why wont the rich do this or that with their wealth. But why should they do what you deem fit? They worked for it one way or another; They have a different outlook of life. For all you know, they may be doing more than you talk.

– They dont deserve success.

Well, why should someone narrow-minded like you succeed then? Social media shows so little of reality. Just because someone enjoys posting about food doesnt mean he doesnt do anything else. Does he really have to take a photo everytime he donates money, help someone or does constructive work? We dont even fully understand those who are close in our lives, what makes you think you know them well enough to deny them of success?

As a journalist, I value words. Words can make or break people, cultures and social harmony. When done right, we can propel the society forward. We can defend the weak and quiet comrades.

But just as much as it does good, words can break spirits. Can become weapons that destroy faith, bonds and hardwork. But the worst of all, it divulges the ugliest sides of people.



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