A morning in McDonalds

A noisy but peaceful way to begin a new week. 

A McDonalds employee sits in front of me, browsing through the photos in her phone, wearing an expression of sadness on her face. Maybe it’s the family photos. Remembering that it is worth the hardwork for the loved ones at home. 

Next to her, two Indian ladies. “Are you serious?!” And her friend nods. Their conversation seems so solemn. Solemn especially in the McDonalds setting. 

At the table beside mine, a Chinese woman sits alone, leaning against the wall. When she came to the table with the extra value meal, she took a long look at the tray before she tucked in. Longer than I have ever looked at what I bought anyway. She’s obviously a foreigner, or maybe it’s her first time eating McDonalds at her age? 

With every bite, she took another look at the burger in her hands. I have never looked at my food that way. I am usually chatting with people or rushing the meal to get on with the day. 

Funny how I sat down to observe the world, only to realize how little time I spend appreciating my life. 

Anyone sitting here? 🙂

A lady unloaded her bags of groceries to share a table with me. 

Maybe someday when I am all alone in this world, this would be the only kind of conversations I make. 

I moved my bag to make space for her. 

And realizes that the lunch crowd is flooding in. 

Time to get on with my day. 🙂


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