You Are Never Just 5 Minutes Late

A life lesson from my secondary school days came back to my mind today.

A teacher was lecturing us on the importance of punctuality. That it is important for us to turn up on time, if not earlier.

You are never just 5 minutes late.


If you were in a classroom of 40, you wasted 39 students’ 5 minute each.

If a school assembly wait for you to turn up 5 minutes late, 2500 students wasted 5 minutes of each of their lives for you.

So what?

Let’s talk about everyday life. You know how some people keep on texting until that one split second before boarding the bus?

If 10 people were boarding, each of us taking just 5 seconds more just to “finish that SMS”, it would be close to an extra minute for every bus stop. That means half an hour delay for the entire route. It can mean being stuck in peak hour jam or not, and in turn, many people may be late for work or school.

Back in school, our teachers always remind us on the importance of having a sense of urgency.

For a paramedic, that 5 minutes may mean a difference between life and death for a casualty.

For a counselor, that may mean being to save a child or not.

For a pilot, that means the safety of all your passengers.

5 minutes may seem insignificant by itself, but it makes a huge difference in your life. You have to know when it’s time to accelerate your efficiency, speed, thinking.

If we waste our time thinking it is a small deal, we actually waste a lot more than we think. On the contrary, if you make full use of every second, you actually gain a lot more than you think.

Just wanted to share this precious lesson I was taught years ago and only truly digested today.
Make every second count and never keep people waiting. 


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