DIY #1: Luffy Birthday Card

Back in 2015, I decided to DIY a birthday card for my close friend, who is a fan of One Piece. (You can read more about the manga character here)

I am not talented in drawing, so what I did was to Google an image, trace it out on white paper and gradually build up the card from there. Sketched in pencil and go over with ink.


For the colouring, I filled the base with crayon/oil pastel so that it doesn’t look like solid and too perfect.


The next step I did was to go over with poster colour. I’m not good with the medium, so I find that doing a crayon foundation means the paper has an oil base and wouldn’t tear as easily.

Once again, it didn’t have to be perfect when filling in the colours. And notice how the pen outline would still be available after colouring!


Doing the final outlining.

I wanted the fringe to look a little like… it’s moving? So on the left side you can see I coloured some lighter shades.


The drawing is done! I decided to make a polaroid frame for the card. The thumbs HAVE to show, otherwise it looks like silly Luffy is lifting just his index fingers, or worse, middle fingers.


Here’s the back of the card, where the actual birthday message was written.



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