#01012017 – Making Full Use of the Day

Happy New Year!

Been clearing off the work from 2016 and was busy buying air tickets for my parents when the clock struck 12am.

Taking Passport Photo at 3am

As I was finishing up my video edit, I went to wash my face, only to slab on makeup at 3am.



My studio lights were set up for a previous shoot and I had received the letter reminding me that my passport would be expiring soon. So I needed a new passport photo, but I needed to clear the lights later in the day, in preparation for my dad’s birthday dinner gathering.

So I was pretty much left without an alternative!

Breakfast at IKEA

Having barely four hours of sleep, I woke up to join my parents and brother for a trip to IKEA Tampines, and that’s why I saw this dollhouse! Can’t express how much I love miniature furniture, especially those with functioning doors. But they were about $30?

So I took a picture and moved on.


Assembling a vanity table

Eventually I bought a vanity table, which my brother also helped me to assemble later that day. I like simple furniture and with this, I can keep my beauty products, and it can double up as my laptop desk. Extremely useful and versatile, especially if we have guests over!



Dad’s Birthday Celebration – Pot Luck Dinner!

Night came, and we had pot luck dinner, where everyone bought their own favourite food or cravings. It was a great alternative to cooking at home, because we would think not just about what we want, but also what others want. I think that’s what family gatherings should be about, not a bunch of people sitting around waiting to be fed while one person does all the hard work.

Back to Work

As the gathering ends, I was back at my desk editing video for an former classmate’s wedding banquet. Fruitful and constructive day!


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