#04012017 – The Little Moments in Life

Not too much went on today, just the usual work and life. But there are two little moments I’d love to keep a record of.

Little Miko Plays Dead

Upon returning home after a long day, I was greeted by our neighbour dog, Miko. She was kind of craving for attention after being cooped up at home all day. So imagine the cutesy whining sounds and little paws sticking out of the grille. After getting the pats and tickles, she suddenly laid down. Flat.


I was trying my best to hold in the laughter, and get it on camera. She comes up with these silly antics but her owner never believed me. So I had to get visual evidence!

So that was the happy part.

Taking things in my stride

As mentioned in my Daily Diary prelude, I’ve had my fair share of learning and troubles in the past four years preparing for my brothers’ weddings. If anything, both weddings were eye-opening for me, learning about the customs, traditions, taboos, ceremonies, logistics and most importantly, the financial burdens.

Some time before 2017, an old schoolmate has asked for my help and I did what I could. But today, I was told that my hard work has gone to waste – there was communication error and well… someone else has already done the work.

If this happened before my brothers’ weddings, I’d be SO pissed off.

But not today. Of course I was a little annoyed but it’s their first time being a groom, first time being a best man. My family had our share of arguments and miscommunication back then so I understood it wasn’t intentional sabotage. And that’s what matters, isn’t it?

“It’s fine.” — Sometimes that’s all it takes to move on. 🙂

I wish him the very best in his new imminent wedding life.


Another little note –

Thanks to writing this entry, I went to google the difference between grill and grille.

(1) a cooking surface using parallel metal bars
(2) a device that cooks with a grill
(3) a restaurant offering grilled food.
(4) Verb – to grill
(5) Verb – to question relentlessly

Grille (noun)
Usually means a grating used as a screen or barrier on a window or on the front of an automobile.

_from RRICKETTS.com




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