#05012017 – Business is good!

Today turned out to be an unexpectedly busy day, in a good way!

My father has the same phobia of dentists like I do, and he has been procrastinating when it comes to making new denture post-extraction. After much persuasion, we finally dragged him out of the house in the late afternoon, to a new dentist recommended by his friend.

Not sure how your dental trips are, but from my experiences, they are overwhelmingly busy. Crowded clinics, packed appointments and having no choice but to reject patients because the ones waiting are going to take all night.

So imagine our surprise when we turn up at the clinic… and the receptionist told us that the dentist is MIA, not answering phone calls. She told us to come back an hour and a half later, and so we did.

One and a half hour later, we went back to the clinic and the receptionist said the dentist is still not answering his phone calls. So we waited for another hour or so, and somewhere in between, he finally answered the phone and said he’s on the way.

There was a patient before my dad who was pretty upset too – apparently her appointment was an hour ago, and she had come to the clinic the night before, waited an hour and left because her turn was nowhere near. -_-

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, my dad’s procedure was when the REAL nightmare began.

He needed to get filling for two teeth, and get new denture for his missing teeth.

The dentist drilled the hole for the first tooth, and went to answer a phonecall. FIFTEEN minutes. Then he came back to finish the filling, and then left to answer another phonecall – THIRTY MINUTES.

My poor dad was left alone in the room with his mouth open, and he texted me out of helplessness. I went into the consultation room, looked at the dentist enjoying his time on the phonecall (was expecting him to be surprised and quickly end the call but… nope!) so I went out to ask the receptionist.

A while later, the dentist finally got back to my dad’s case.

All in all, we were stuck at the dental clinic for 4 hours, a new record for me.

If you need a reason to go to that clinic… Probably because of the cheap prices. But still. I’d be thankful never needing to go to that place again.


By the time we left the clinic, I was almost late for my night appointments for clients to collect their haul from me.

Made a total of four trips back and forth from my house, and the day finally came to an end. So today was a day for business – good business for me, good business for the dentist! The latter, a good chance for me to learn to stay still.


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