#07012017 – Time to Fix my brother

It’s the weekend!

My eldest brother is the new generation equivalent of my dad – loves to save on some of the necessary expenses in life.

Once a seamstress, my mum was slightly horrified when she noticed his laundry once, where the collar of his business shirts were ragged and he simply cut off the sharp corner and continued to wear them to work.

She’s horrified even when she sees me sewing things I saw on YouTube, without following the “proper SOP” of pattern-making, ratios and all. So seeing a formal shirt worn out and altered that way by my brother… I think she was stuck between amused and horrified.

As Chinese New Year is approaching, she has been wanting to get my eldest brother some new shirts. So we met up at Compass One, and coincidentally, there was sale going on at the atrium!

Eventually we managed to persuade him to get four new shirts and I told him, “I’d sneak to your house someday and burn your cut-corner shirts”. Haha

So, problem solved!

Of course, not without a reminder from my mum –

“Next time your shirt gets worn out, don’t cut it yourself! Give me and I’d alter it for you!”

And my brother was kind of apprehensive. So I said, “AIYAH IF WORN OUT PLEASE JUST BUY NEW ONES!”

Problem solved, for real.

…But I guess now I know why elders love my brother – he’s what they’d call 勤俭持家, saving every penny to keep the family going! And it’s not because he NEEDS to, but rather because he WANTS to. Most of the time it’s admirable but in such cases, he’s just too funny.


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