#08012017 – It’s Better to Talk Things Out

Small little discoveries today.

A new outlet called “The Lazy Shop” (something along the line) has opened on the second level of Heartland Mall. There is this window robot cleaner that’s really adorable to look at. I think it’s cool if it really works, to prevent accidents happening!


Then it was lunchtime for my mum, and we decided to try out the Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh, also located on the second floor of Heartland Mall.

First thing first – the place is really clean and I like the design of their menu! There’s a laminated version with illustrations and price tags, and a black and white version without.

Chinese gatherings tend to have host and the black and white version is convenient for everyone to check out the menu together, and the host having the option of keeping the prices secret. 🙂

Ironically though, mum and I are not fans of pork. Or bak kut teh. So we literally went into a bak kut teh shop and she ordered their vegetable options. Pretty cheap, but the dough fritters are a little dry and hard.

The waitresses are polite, not being kaypo (interfering) to ask why we didn’t order their signature dishes. 🙂 But they also gave a small bowl of complimentary soup (great for those who love the smell of pork and traditional Teochew pepper soup), as well as a set of cutlery for me without being asked.


One of the more cliche things I wish they would change, though, is the slideshow on their monitor of photos with celebrities. It’s a bit random, awkward, cliche and really… unnecessary, because their food quality speak for themselves! A photo wall at the corner is good, but a montage of celebrities is overkill.

And the last discovery of the day was a little misunderstanding. A family misunderstanding. But now that I think of it… It’s good we clear things up, but it’s not exactly something I want to share publicly, or want to remember years down the road.

So yep! Today was an enjoyable day!


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