#09012017 – Dad’s Birthday Dinner

Recent days have been revolving around my dad’s birthday, and today was no exception.

We brought him to Cash Converters in the morning, where he had great fun finding good deals for LED lights, bento boxes and random stuff like that.

Later that evening, our in-laws invited us to dinner at London Fat Duck (Punggol Waterway) for his birthday dinner! We ordered practically every type of dish on the menu – from custard buns, roasted duck (of course), pork, congee, soup, chee cheong fun and wanton noodles.

The best – Char siew, wanton noodles

The oily – Custard buns, soup

Allow me to backtrack a little – on our journey home in the afternoon, I bumped into my primary schoolmate. We were in different classes but somehow, we became friends.

It’s no secret that he didn’t come from a well-to-do family but I always remember his resilience and tenacity. You know what he did?

Some of our schoolmates take the school bus or are picked up from school, thus not having the privilege to buy snacks from the neighbourhood. I remember each small pack of Twisties was 30 cents? What he did was to take orders from those students, and sold to them for 40/50 cents.

It may seem like a small profit now, but it did get him into trouble with the teachers back then. But I have a lot of respect for what he did because he didn’t resort to borrowing money from others or asking from his parents. It showed his intelligence and dignity, a quality I’m respectful of till this day. 🙂

Okay back to the topic of my dad’s  birthday – he asked what I was doing in the middle of the day, on the bus home, and I told him about my dad’s birthday.

“Just like that? At least watch a movie la~” He joked.

Cash Converters and a dinner gathering – it may not appeal to the modern generation but it was what made my dad happy. As I grew older, I started to have a general idea of what love should be.

Love isn’t about doing what you like, what you think is right. Sometimes it’s about accommodating someone else’s preferences, and do what makes them happy.

So that’s that!

My dad wasn’t a playmate in our childhood. He’d return home close to midnight, and our waking hours were spent apart most of the time. He wasn’t highly educated, famous or special.

But he is our dad. The one who raised the family and shouldered the responsibilities. I think that’s worth being grateful for. :))


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