#10012017 – Chuckles, Cereal & Cats

The 3 C’s that summed up my day.

Went to Saizeriya for brunch with my mum and everything was normal, except for the receipt.


Nothing serious, except finding out that the cashier in-charge’s name is Wing Man. So those who need help finding a girl, you know where to go now, aye. You’re welcome!

Another thing that made me smile today was coming across these Lucky Charms cereal in supermarket.


I am horrible with names – signboards, brands, places, and yes, human names. My biggest nightmare has always been brands changing packaging because I wouldn’t know how to find them otherwise.

I love Lucky Charms but apparently not enough to ever remember the brand name (I actually referred to the box as I typed this entry). Out of sight, out of mind. But I was super elated to spot this in the mart! Funny thing is that I thought the cereal smells like IKEA showroom, the same flat scent of wood. And these charms? HEAVEN. 


After a day of work, mum and I went to have a walk in the neighbourhood, particularly to check out the pasar malam that’s taking shape but not officially open just yet. And I spotted this black cat sprawled comfortably at my void deck.

Domesticating cats has been a rather hot topic in Singapore lately. There are animal lovers fighting to ‘legalize’ having cats as pets in public housing, and on the opposite side, people raising concerns about why it shouldn’t be allowed.

As much as I want to be supportive, I’m honestly concerned too.

Years ago, we had a Malay family living on our floor. We were on pretty good terms until much later on when they start to have a pet cat.

Back in those days, having a pet wasn’t as common and was viewed more as a luxury. We didn’t have much to do with the cat but what pissed us off was the smell. WORST part? Their cat often peed in my parents’ shoes and slippers, which have been left outside our house.

Yes, there will always be countless examples you can cite, of responsible and irresponsible owners. How some people can have 10 cats and not a tinge of smell, 10 dogs and not a single bark. Likewise, I’ve personal experience with people who own ONE dog and the whole lift reeks of its odour, or that one pet that pees everywhere.

Personally, I feel that at least dogs are trainable, for the most part. And not many owners let their dogs wander freely in the neighbourhood. But I can’t say anything close to that for cat owners.

The only way they can possibly keep their pet cat at home, is if they really close all their doors and windows. But that means the house is bound to smell like… cat pee, or whatever you call that smell.

From a commercial standpoint, sometimes I wonder if there’s anything else we can do aside from agreeing or disagreeing. Like creating a compulsory feature cat owners must have, that can keep cats indoors and omit pungent stench. Or a facility in the neighbourhoods where pets can be settled into, to be looked after when owners are busy.

Whatever it is, I believe it’s a lot of give and take. Tolerance until intolerable from the neighbours – if you do your part, the government doesn’t interfere. I would hope that the government agencies and animal welfare groups come to an agreement, a consensus on the issue, instead of forcing their own guidelines down each other’s throat.

Before punishments for violation, I hope there would be guidelines and options that facilitate adoption, and also cleanliness. 🙂


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