#11012017 – I’m That Loner Friend

Nothing much happened today, until night time, when mum was about to have dinner with our aunt and my dad was going to meet his friend.

Home alone, and couldn’t be bothered to cook, I buzzed my friend who only worked half day because she had a doctor’s appointment.

We had MOS Burger for dinner, chatted about the ridiculously late and unbelievably aggravating dentist in her vicinity, when she told me that her mum almost gave me alcohol-chocolates.

FYI – I don’t drink. At all. Not even in Chinese dishes.

Anyway, she said her mum was surprised and puzzled as to why I was settling dinner by myself. And we also talked about keeping tabs of every single day this year. So it resulted in this –


Remembering that she met her loner friend for dinner tonight. How hilarious for her, and kinda saddening for me. Just kidding, we are well-acquainted enough to joke about such stuff! I just think it’d be hilarious some months down the road when she looks back and be like, eh WTH was this note about?

And would be the one who have this entry to remember this very day she smeared my reputation. Wahahaha.



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