#12012017 – That Kind of Cute Couple

My mum and dad are the loveliest couple you’d ever meet, with their cute little quirks. The following photo was taken when we were sending dad off to Thailand.


As children we’ve always joked about how our roles are switched. Instead of the stereotypical case of parents being neglected as children are glued to their smartphones, it’s the opposite in our family. In this case, I was the one neglected, haha.

But it’s their adorable way of communication that always make me laugh. They would talk about a random subject, like Sodium Chloride for instance (Yes, THAT kind of random!) and they’d start to debate what its uses are.

As the peacekeeper, I’d usually end up being the one doing the googling to determine who is right. Then you’d see one party having a smirk on his/her face, they’d look at one another in both despise and humour, and then… scroll through their social media to look for another topic to debate about!

When we were much younger, I was honestly worried that their marriage wouldn’t last, seeing how they love to bicker. But now I gradually understand that it’s the bickering that keeps their love for each other ever growing. 🙂

Anyway, a must-have shot of the decor at Changi Airport! Unfair how Snorlax gets to snooze all day!



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