#13012017 – Pure Hard Work

Today was a day of PURE hard work!

With dad gone for a holiday, it means full steam ahead for spring cleaning. It seemed much easier when we were younger, because I had two elder brothers and mum could delegate the tasks among the four of us (because dad worked long hours).

But as they got married and started their own families, I have been starting to feel the increasing burden, especially since my mother is getting too old to be working hard like the past. I wouldn’t bear for her to, too.

It started with her saying, “Hey can you come and help me out for a moment?”

And two hours that was.

Somewhere in the middle, the doorbell rang and the foldable gym bike I ordered online came! 😀

I have been wanting to get one for weeks now. Back then, the original price was $150 and mum was skeptical, feeling like the quality is probably sub-par at that price.

But I was dying to get one, so I could work out at home. At least cycle a bit while I’m watching YouTube videos, instead of lying down.

Some time ago, I was apprehensive about cycling because I thought that the protective layer around our knees can be destroyed in the process due to wear and tear. But recently, a show highlighted this misconception and explained that with the wear and tear from cycling (not intensively), the “protective layer” is constantly renewed and regenerating. So that was my okay sign to try cycling.

I can’t cycle, but gym bike is a first step, right? #BabySteps

Took me about an hour to assemble the bike (and save on $30 assembling fee, haha), with a few mistakes along the way. But it was well worth the effort, even mum tried it when I was done!

And thanks to the intensive spring cleaning, I ended up being late for my appointment to meet my secondary school bestie! Having an arranged meetup with my friends usually make me extra motivated to work hard in the day, haha.

Anyway, we had a great dinner at SOD Cafe before strolling along the entire pasar malam in the neighbourhood. Just did a calculation, the route was about 1.4km and I wasn’t even half done digesting the Alfredo Spaghetti!

Walked her back to her home before meeting my mum at the heartland mall. Long and tiring day but was well-worth the sweat.


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