#14012017 – The CNY Bonsai that Lived

Woke to slight muscle ache thanks to the spring cleaning work out yesterday. (~_~”)>

Elder brother and his wife came to the house to help out with spring cleaning in the morning, also helping to toss out the old cardboard boxes and random bits we found at home, like bicycle wheels and broken umbrellas.

Then it was time for breakfast! Later on my eldest brother called to meet us out for lunch, and my elder brother told my mum he “needed to go back home to get some stuff”. He never appeared for the lunch and instead, sneaked home to help with more spring cleaning! My mum was a little overwhelmed but overall it was a pleasant surprise for her. :)))

Later on the couple went to central district to shop for festive clothes, so they left a bag of stuff at our home. So… I got free dinner by being the Fedex courier before they went home!

Anyway… I had a heartwarming encounter with a 70-yr-old cabbie. 🙂


As soon as I boarded the cab, he gestured to the little box of candies he had in the vehicle.

“Help yourself to the sweets!”

It was so sweet of him to do this, while some cabbies have chronic attitude problem even when you do nothing onboard. So I started to chat with him.

Do you always have this?

“I used to put a box of candies on my cab only during Chinese New Year period but then later I thought…”

May just as well leave it on?

“Yeah! (Laughters)”

How long have you been driving cab?

“(Silence) I dont think you are even born yet, man. (Chuckles)”

Turns out, he has been driving cab since the 70’s and has been with the company through its many changes. Sure, there have been changes that made business tough but it’s worth hanging on to if you work hard.

He also shared a little story about his festive preparations. Last year, he went to a Toa Payoh florist to get some festive fresh flowers for decorating his home. Not long afterwards, the flowers withered, leaving him with the bare stalks.

Instead of throwing them away, he had a sudden idea and went to buy small artificial flowers to stick on the real plant! So now he has a permanent bonsai that doesn’t wither.

“I went to the Toa Payoh florist again just now, and the auntie told me it’s time to buy Chinese New Year flowers! I told her that mine is still alive and she was surprised! (chuckles)”



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