#16012017 -Pasar Malam & Workout

It’s Monday again! The day was spent on even more intensive spring cleaning, and I have to say, the storage room is like a time capsule. The deeper you dig, the further you go back in time.

And here’s my tips on how to quit/curb hoarding and start dumping things –

  1. Remind yourself that they are not alive
    Your spoilt kettle isn’t going to weep.
  2. Ask yourself – do you need it?
    Yeah, that’s a nice tupperware. That’s a pretty dainty little cup. But would you use them, say, in the next 365 days? If not, it’s probably time to throw. And if you really think it’s a waste, clean it up and donate them!
  3. Categorize your collection
    The best way to start packing is to take everything out and start categorizing them. When you’re done, it’s easier to see if you have extras that you can afford to give away. It’s also easier to pack things together, so you’d be able to find them in the future.
  4. Say no to tupperwares
    You know those large containers that are sold everywhere? NO DON’T USE THEM, don’t even buy them. They are the partners in crime with hoarders. Because when you get lazy about organizing your stuff, chances are you’d find a big box, throw everything in, and stack them up.

    That’s not cleaning. That’s not clearing. That’s just greed and escaping from reality.

  5. Stop collecting and start using
    This is also my weakness – some things are so pretty that you can’t bear to part with them, especially those gifted to you. But the thing is, if you don’t use it, you’re wasting it.

    Only when you start using them do you start enjoying the ownership. And yeah, wear and tear happens but by then, you’d probably have started eyeing something else!

At the end of the day, my brothers and sisters-in-law came to have dinner, and we went for a stroll at the neighbourhood pasar malam.

My brother and I made my mum try the liquid nitrogen snack! It’s more of a visual thing though. I was hoping for an ice-cream texture but it was just like… flavoured corn snack? A little too dry for my liking.

But it’s the only chance good children like us get to blow smoke out of our nostrils and mouths, haha!

After sending my brother off, I got back home to cycle a little on my new gym bike. I really like this music because of its pacing! Been really tired from all the cleaning and cycling was just the last bit of workout before bathing. 🙂


Still can’t get over how awesome the compact gym bike is!


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