#18012017 – My Shopping Haul Came!

A Quick Rant about Human Relationships

Human relationships can be tricky. The world would be an easier place to live in if people start saying what they mean, instead of beating around the bushes. And hitting me in the series of misfire.

Recently I’ve been feeling burnt out. Not entirely because of the work but because of how hard communication can sometimes be. It’s good to talk things about but sometimes that seems practically impossible – the other party may not be in the right condition of mind, and I’m like,

 It’s laid out so simply already, what more do you want? If you don’t get it then forget it. 

BAM. Communication shut down.

In the adult world, that’s not always a bad thing because people say things they regret when they are angry, and sometimes silence is a better alternative.

But I hate bickering, especially over the smallest daily life details.

If you’re upset, say that you are. If you WANT an apology, say it. If you are in the wrong, how hard is it to say sorry? Why can’t we cherish the time together, make peace over the small differences and move on?

And why is it so much easier to put these in writing than verbal language?! (facepalms)

My Online Shopping Haul Came!

Yeah, today wasn’t all that bad. My online shopping parcel came and most of the stuff arrived, aside from 3 books that I really wanted. 😦

I was really impressed with the quality of the micro-USB cables I bought! The seller even gave high-quality pouch for each set.


And a new handphone case – I’m using Samsung A5! If not for the fact that I am super scared of damaging my phone, I’d have love to show off its metallic back.

Before this phone case, I actually bought a black jelly case so that it’d go with anything I wear and look professional at work.



You know why?

I couldn’t find it ALL THE TIME. Once it’s thrown in my bag, GONE. I’d have to call from another phone and wait for it to light up. Drives me SO mad.

So there, I finally bought a blue one. Would rather look unprofessional than mad, haha.


Back in mid-December last year, I made a new friend from Thailand, who has great interest in religious items. We were at Teochew Festival when he saw someone with the following bag. It’s hard to explain why, just something about its fabric. And I found it online!

So glad that the quality is so great for something that cost SGD$13! Still one of the most expensive bag I’ve bought online though. But for a friend, it’s worth it!


After all the spring cleaning, mum and I went to the airport to pick dad up. Not sure why but I missed him a lot this time around (ahem). He’s such an annoying but lovable elder!



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