#19012017 – Meeting An Old Friend

I met with an old friend tonight. A senior I came to know from my Polytechnic days.

As I’ve always thought and said, Polytechnic days were the best days of my youth.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic was a great place to go, to be a part of. NP taught me about embracing your own identity, about speaking up to influence changes in school & in life, about living life to the fullest.

It was tough for me to take the Polytechnic route, a tough decision that took me a lot of courage and determination.

Back in Secondary school, our school brought us around to the different openhouses to check things out. One of my student leader friends said she wanted to check out Chinese Studies at NP. I knew nothing about polytechnics (because both my brothers were outstanding and they chose JC) so I was a little interested to hear about the course.

Somehow we ended up in a randomly outrageous singing competition. I didn’t have time to check out much, but I liked the vibe of the School of Humanities. 

After spending four years in secondary school where it’s full of schoolmates with “more angmoh thinking” as I call it, I finally felt like I actually fit in during the brief visit.

That was when I set my mind on going to Poly, at the start of my Sec 4 life, much to the horror of my teachers (because so many of them gave us the idea that “polytechnic was for those without a future”). And nope, I’m not assuming. A teacher actually said it to my face when I returned to visit post-graduation. Saddest part? That teacher is still teaching, albeit in a more prestigious school. As Donald Trump would put it, SAD.

On an even more realistic level, I’d say they gave us that idea for the sake of stats, being able to say 9*% of our students qualified and opt for JC. But that’s another story.

Anyway I began Polytechnic life knowing nothing but I did think about a few things –

  • Be a happy person
  • Don’t sign up for any CCA
  • Work even harder than I did for O Levels

I wanted to be a happy person because I had been SO depressed in secondary school. Not fitting in, getting into trouble with CCAs, teachers and grades. Nothing went right. But I wanted to start afresh in Poly and be the kind of person bursting with positive energy!

The main point is, somewhere along the way, somehow, I ended up with a CCA. HAHA. And it was yet another happiest chapter of my life because of the friends I’ve made, including the one I met tonight. 🙂

The meeting was brief but I was really happy. We talked about things that didn’t really matter and it did remind me of the happy teenager I was back then. And that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?

I got back to my neighbourhood around 10pm, feeling a little tired when…

Ginger was sitting so prettily to greet me! 

It looked at me with its doe eyes as I stood beside it but looked away when I held up my camera. Way to play hard to get!

So yes, thanks to little Ginger for making me so happy at the end of the day. These little moments mean so much to me. :))))


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