#20012017 – More Happy Memories

The day isn’t over, but I’m starting this entry early! As a continuation of yesterday, I took out my old phone to reread some of the SMSes I kept.

Man, those were the good old days where you have a quota for SMSes you can keep, and there are some you’d always keep. Thought I’d relive some of these moments today!

Anyway, here’s a look at the last phone I used before joining the smartphone league – Samsung M8800. The younger me was very into blings and as we called it then, I’d zhng my devices with bling stickers. The wallpaper was a teddy bear I bought in China that I named Puccho, my bestie’s tortoise and my orange cutie named Tomato.

The photo was taken in China during our 4-month cultural immersion programme, on our hostel bed. And the date was just a jumbled date after switching my phone on for the first time in ages.

Friends from Polytechnic

Back during internship, I have a very adorable friend by the name of Jasmine. And the reason I had to include our course abbreviation (CHS) in her contact name was because there are so many Jasmines! I don’t really remember the context of the SMS but seeing this message, I said hi to her on Whatsapp earlier on to catch up on life briefly.


And here are two text messages from another fellow CHS classmate.

AGES ago, there was a trend called ‘Twito’, which means typing in grossly cute language as follows. By the time we were in poly, the trend was passe, and some time during internship, the two of us were reading a blog called Museum of Twits where they relive some of the twito messages found in cyberspace.

We had an epic time laughing while reading the site, after which she sent me the following text just for fun –


Her nickname, which I had forgotten before seeing here, was Ramly Chio Tan, for some unknown reason!

The following is another random message from her.


Our internship teacher was an irresponsible and annoying person and I’d always joke that if we don’t burn joss sticks in the morning before going to school, we’d be unlucky and meet the people we hate. So in this case, I think we bumped into the intern teacher in the morning? So she sent me that.

The following is from my bestie!


I’d forgotten the context of the text message until I sent it to her just now!

Back then I often have Polar cake for meal/snack, apparently, and she would often buy it for me, when she arrives at campus first (hence the early timing!).  At then Ris Low was The Influential Queen and I think the text message was referencing the Christmas song ’12 Days of Ris-mas’ when she was asking me how many Polar cakes to buy for me.

Side note – Ris Low is REALLY nice in person. I’ve met her once at work on a Sunday night and seeing how I was alone in the office at 11pm, she waited for me to lock up the place and asked her friend to send me home! Super touched, especially since I don’t know her in person.

And the following was from another good friend, when I sprained my ankle one morning and still went to school. I was frickin’ hardcore studious back then!! My ankle was all swollen, I still went to the class on the top of NP mountain. Gone was the youth, man!


Cultural Immersion in China

I was still using this phone when we went to study in China. On the last day of our stay, I texted all our teachers thank you’s and goodbyes because to be honest, it’s unlikely we’d ever go back again. And even if we do, they may not be in the uni anymore.

The teachers there were nice, for the most part (there’s always one joker, what’s new?) and it’s heartwarming to receive their replies saying things like

‘have a safe trip’
‘come back to visit when you have the chance’ and even
‘send me an email anytime when you have a question, I’d do my best to answer!’



Another thing worth noting, was how I would prepare beforehand as I didn’t have mobile internet back in those days. Before we went to China, I used the memo function (no app yet) to note down all the important emergency numbers just in case.

Similarly, back in Singapore, I would research my bus/train journey for the next day, note down the numbers, bus stops and even print the map to keep in my notebook. #ThoseWereTheDays



From the respectable chairman of my CCA. 🙂

I really appreciate his concern and motivation for the board of directors (us) and his workaholic nature that’s just like me!

The Other Random Moments

…that I saved because they were so random, haha.

On one occasion after graduation, I joined my CCA for a BBQ session for the less fortunate. It was at a prawning place, and to my horror, a senior was twisting the heads of the prawns being barbecued.

Later on, he sent me the following text message to explain that he couldn’t bear to see the prawns dying a slow and painful death, that’s why he twisted their heads. =/


And the following was from my first boss, who is also an extremely nice person! This message was iconic because Rebecca Black’s Friday was going viral and she sent me this text message before the weekend. XD


From the best teacher of my life

The final message that brought warm to my heart was from my primary 5 and 6 form teacher. He’s so positive, strict and inspirational, and one of the most important person in my education years.

As I’ve shared previously, I struggled academically. About a fortnight before PSLE (omg), I actually left the school grounds to play basketball with my ‘gang’ and some strangers in a public basketball court.

It sounds trivial, but it wasn’t normal for primary school students to stay out after 6pm. I played till close to 7pm and apparently, my parents had gone to the school to look for me, went to the principal’s office and they had called up every single one of my 38 classmates to see if anyone knew where I went.

The thing is, I was in the first class of the cohort but my gang was made up of people from the other classes so of course, they didn’t manage to find out where I went.

My point is, the next day, I was sh*t scared that I would be punished before the whole school. But my principal didn’t say a word at assembly. Instead, on my way back to the classroom, this form teacher pulled me aside and asked me, “What did you think you were doing??”

Not fierce, but genuinely concerned with his strict expression and tone.

I think it was that moment, for the first time in my life, I started to see the importance of prioritizing and focusing on my studies. I asked my mum to cut away my long hair that day and I finally settled down to study for PSLE thereafter. 🙂

The most incredible thing was how this teacher kept in touch with me over the past… 13 years. He’d wish me happy birthday EVERY SINGLE YEAR, I don’t even know how he remembers! It’s always heartwarming and for the following message, I think I was telling him that I wouldn’t be able to visit the next day (Children’s Day, back in those days).


I texted this message to him earlier tonight and said he owes me white rabbits, 7 to be exact! And he sent me an adorable rabbit gif, HAHA. Really appreciate his presence in my  life though!!!

What a day of nostalgia! 😀

If you have the time, check your old phone and you may be able to reconnect with some friends who meant so much to you at some point in your life!


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