#23012017 – Leave.


My neighbour’s dog always struggle with Mondays.

After enjoying human companionship over the weekend, Mondays suddenly seem extremely quiet and lonely for her. So she went crazy, tearing up stuff and peeing just beside the pee pad, you know, the dog’s equivalent of rebellion.

It’s hard to be a neighbour sometimes. On one hand, I wanted to take this picture for my neighbour to let her know what happened. But on the other hand, I didn’t want her rushing back home out of anxiety, affecting her work.

Of course the dog was duly punished later that night, just verbally reprimanded. =/


It’s funny how when life digs you a pit, the pit keeps getting deeper and darker.

Last night was a little depressing until the rain came along. Then today decided that life wasn’t shitty enough on me and decided to dig a little deeper.

I can be an annoying friend sometimes – that I know. We’re all working adults now and I know how precious the time we get to chat is. The thing is, I’m willing to wait around – wait until you finish work, finish chatting with other people, finishing bathing, finish doing all the other stuff. What upsets me is when people don’t return.

Relationships are about trust, very much like flying a kite. You have to tighten and loosen, but in order to fly the kite, you got to have the faith that things are going to work out, that even if you loosen the thread, it will come back to you.

But human beings aren’t kites. Somewhere along the way when you realized you’re at the bottom-est of the bottom of one’s priorities, it can turn your heart and passion cold.

People are going to wait, but they are not going to be waiting around forever, you know?


But I’m an adult now! Instead of brooding over one friendship, I left it aside and got back to work in full force. Then I spent the rest of the time writing some cards to show appreciation of those who stayed, who returned to my side at the end of the day.

Because those who stayed are the ones who matter, isn’t it? 🙂


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