#24012017 – Dreaming of a Getaway

Like I’ve said previously, I think turning 25 feels like the new 18. Suddenly I’m open to things I wasn’t comfortable with previously. And one of them is going overseas.

If anything, it’s probably because of my appreciation of my homeland, how I’m able to go to bed assured that no one is going to break in through my window or toilet (thanks, HDB). On the other hand, being able to go out for a meal without worrying as much about losing my valuables. My favourite part, is being able to stroll through the empty streets in the middle of the nights. 🙂

That being said, I feel inspired to explore other countries this year.

Okay, I’d admit it’s partially because my horoscope and zodiac state that I’d have better luck in career and life with more travelling, gaining luck, inspiration and even business opportunities. (chuckles naively)

It was nice and fun to discuss this with my buddy before her bedtime!

Recently I just noticed TigerAir holiday packages function on their site and gosh, it’s tempting! I mean, a 4day3night vacation in 4-star hotel in Malaysia for SGD$200 per pax? (starts dreaming)

Okay so here’s the catch! I’m ready to travel… but more of resting in a foreign land!

I hate extensive transportation journeys, especially when I’m stuck to a seat, ie bus, car, train. And no toilets. UGH.

So yeah, I think I’d even appreciate just staying in the hotel and enjoying their facilities!

And on that note, I sent my 9-5 buddy to bed. I bet she had sweet dreams.

And here’s a photo of the care package she gave me in a ziploc bag when we last met. The book is my annual journal, just using it as a background.

A little funny story about the chocolates she gave me – I believe she said the chocolates ar from her sister’s recent trip overseas and while she was packing them, her mother walked by and pointed to a bunch of chocolates, beckoning her to pack some for me.

Then she told her mum that those are alcohol-filled chocolates and it would somewhat drug me? Haha. Because I don’t drink alcohol of any kind! Just thought it was funny how ‘ethical’ a friend she was. XD


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