#25012017 – Learning a Sewing Tip

I have A LOT to share today. Even if it means I’m going to take ages to type this entry.

As Chinese New Year approaches, life is getting extra busy for everyone. There’s the whole nightmare of spring cleaning and potentially hosting guests at home, so yeah, time to stock up on ice, soft drinks, healthy drinks, festive goodies, healthy goodies, traditional peanuts and whatnot. The list goes on.

Then there’s work. Two days off work and a long weekend? Great. Taking leave so that your break would be even longer? Hell yeah! But then realizing you have got more work to clear off before the holidays? Uh-oh.

Anyway, the main thing that took  up a bit of time for me was altering pants. More specifically, my dad and my elder brother’s.

The sewing has come off of my dad’s pants and I’m just altering jeans into knee-length shorts for his casual wear. Why the trouble, you may ask. Well, because full length jeans cost half the price of short denim, that’s why! But it’s alright, chance for me to polish up my sewing skills. 😉


Unfortunately for me, the process took WAY longer than I’d like it to. First, I ran out of #13 needles. After getting the needles, somehow the denim wouldn’t work with me, and the sewing kept getting.. ‘crinkled’?

It’s something about the direction and workmanship of the denim. After sewing and picking everything apart about 4 times, I finally figured it out! Instead of feeding the sewing machine the fabric straight, I turn it at an angle, as shown below. Somehow everything works out without leaving extra fabric at the end of the loop. Phew!

Hopefully my tip can save someone’s day, somewhere, somehow. :)))


Later at night, my eldest brother popped by as a surprise! ^_^ And together with my mum, we dragged dad out for a cuppa tea.


After bidding him farewell at the train station, we took a bus back to our neighbourhood pasar malam. Our agenda was to buy reunion dinner ingredients, mandarin oranges and something else that I’ve forgotten by now. But that’s not important because my parents ended up buying flower pots! ~_~”

Here’s a little rant. 

The stall where my parents bought the flower pot was one at the festive pasar malam, by a Chinese guy. When we first arrived, there was a shrewed-looking couple and the vendor looked stressed and upset.

Later on, I observed and understood why – the couple was doing extreme bargaining and it’s not even in a polite sort of way. They were unreasonable with the pricing, asking the vendor to do this and that, carry things around and then using the ‘walking away’ tactic.

My parents left to shop for flowers but I went to buy a bottle of chilled Coca-Cola for the poor vendor who was so upset and red in the face, before sneaking back to the stall. That couple was still there. This time around, eyeing another product and using the ‘seems like it’s flawed so you should give me discount’ tactic.

I’m glad I’ve got eye sockets because I almost rolled my eyes away, in pure anger and shame of this fellow Singaporeans.

I mean, it’s hard selling this kind of antiques in Singapore and the items are reasonably priced. You can bargain but be nice and reasonable, man. In Chinese there’s a saying we call 乘火打劫, which roughly translates to exploitation when the other party is at disadvantage.

They are just trying to clear off their stock before returning for CNY. Must you be such a bitch? How good can your lunar new year be, if you’re getting the new things with such abhorant attitude?

Anyway, after the shopping, we hopped onto a cab to drop the vases and plants off at the garden directly instead of going home.

As the cab approached our destination, a car that’s in front of us stopped. Suddenly the door open and I heard my parents and the cabbie go “öops”. Apparently a lady was super drunk and fell to the carpark floor when she opened the door. And there she lay, plus puking later on.

It’s kind of a shocker to me because I don’t drink, I don’t go to nightclubs and the closest I’ve come to drunk people was when my colleague drank? Even then, she was just chatty and cheerful, not this kind of dead drunk.

So we told the uncle to drop us off where we were, since the car didn’t seem like it’s going to budge anytime soon. Later on the drunk lady’s friend had to lug her back to her house. I felt so bad for her and the friend who was driving! They seemed like such nice people.


Took this photo to commemorate the first time I saw someone SO drunk.

So much Singaporean drama in one night aye.


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