#26012017 – What Financial Crisis?

Counting down 2 days till Chinese New Year!

After another day of hard work, it’s time to immerse in the festive spirit at the neighbourhood market. :))

Mum and I were waiting for the bus home, when she remarked on how incredibly crowded it is. Just look at all the empty carton boxes, crowd and emptied pasar malam stalls.

Amused, we looked at each other and asked the same question – what financial crisis?

It’s something people seem to say habitually. Business is bad, times are bad, but when you look at the buying power of these civilians, it’s hard to believe the problems they are saying sometimes. I think that’s a good sign!


As soon as we got home, mum and dad slipped out for a date, ditching me at home! But I don’t really mind, that just means more time to myself with the gym bike.


2017 has been great so far, except when life gets a little too busy for my own good. But no complaints, seeing how dejected I can be when I have too much free time on hand.

Looking forward to family reunion dinner in my room. Wooots!


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