#27012017 – Reunion Dinner, Finally!

Just an add-on to what happened yesterday because it was such a long day – I finally got a haircut!

I dislike activities that require me to stay still in a seat, like going to the dentist, getting haircut, bus rides and watching movies. It’s not so much about the fear of pain or screwing up, I have a high tolerance level for pain and mad haircuts. It’s more of the staying still part!

Went to my hairstylist last week but the place was full and I didn’t want to wait. Went early yesterday morning because we’re so close to the festive season, my hair was driving me mad, wasting tons of hair products and even my mum couldn’t stand it, haha.

Thankfully, only two seats were taken, by grannies doing their festive perm. The hairstylist was trimming a guy’s hair and he told me to wait just a little while!

…seems like I don’t really have a choice, man.

Before the haircut, my hair was almost down to my waist! Not sure if it’s because girls are known for crying during haircut, but my hairstylist is always SUPER afraid to cut my hair short.

He’d pull up a bunch of hair, show me that he’s going to cut off l________l this much, I’d be like, cool, then he would hesitate and cut of just l___l this much.

My hair grows super fast so I couldn’t help but tell him to cut more. I could almost hear him sweating, haha.

*snips snips*

Actually, can you cut it shorter?

*snips snips*

A little shorter is okay too.

*snips snips*

Really, I don’t mind if you cut too short.

Poor hairstylist! Hahaha. But I was super happy when he was done! :DDD I literally went, “YAY!” much to the amusement of the granny beside me.

He cut off so much hair that the granny even told me to be careful as I was getting up, because “there’s a lot of hair on the floor”. XD

Why I love the hairstylist

I can’t be the only person who hates bitching in hair salons, among hairstylists or worse, with customers. I can’t stand small talk either.

I like this particular hairstylist because

  1. He’s the only hairstylist there so no excessive chattering.
  2. He plays movie on a monitor for the customers so free movie for distraction!
  3. Watch movie = no need for small chat
  4. He moves really fast, usually takes about 15 minutes to cut my hair
  5. After cutting hair at his place, it’s SUPER low maintenance and only gets nicer with each passing day.

Anyway the reason why I didn’t update about the haircut yesterday was because I wanted to take a photo after first wash, blowdry and styling!

Then it was steamboat dinner, the much-awaited family reunion meal. 🙂


My eldest brother and wifey went to the other family after the meal, while my elder brother and wifey stayed back to chat. We talked about going overseas together, attending a wedding later this year, among other random stuff.

This is the last year we’re having family reunion dinner as 7 adults, as a baby would be joining us next year! ^_^

Reconnecting with an old friend

One weird thing about growing up is how you have a whole new outlook of life, relationships and things that happened in the past. There’s a lot less angst and a lot more friendliness.

Received a text message from an old schoolmate wishing me happy CNY and I was kinda… half expecting a follow-up message saying

Oops, wrong Huiying, sorry! But happy CNY all the same!

Trust me, that happened before and it was VERY awkward.

But nope, we ended up chatting quite a bit, from the past to the present. And when I was about to send her photos from our school days, I realized she often hid from the camera, usually behind someone else!!!

Then she admitted, saying she isn’t comfortable in front of the camera anyway, haha.

Sneaky! And can’t believe I just noticed!

Haha but it was nice catching up with her! Funny how sometimes you can spend a lot of time with someone only to feel awkward during every meet up, yet there are people you don’t talk to very much but have endless things to talk about. :))

So overall it has been a greaaaaaaaaaaaat day!

Got to go get some sleep before an early day tomorrow!

Happy lunar new year, everyone! Do socialize like a human being during home visits, the nice elders would really appreciate the attention and your companionship. 😉

And of course, keep your cool despite the busybody interrogations. You’re not alone! (chuckles)


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