#28012017 – Quiet Happiness

The much-anticipated Chinese New Year is finally here!

Well… Who am I kidding?

After weeks of rushing, the first day of Chinese New Year is for resting. And that’s exactly how we spent the day!

Went to visit a family friend at her place, someone we call Ah Sim, which means 阿婶. She was a staff member at a kindergarten and helped to look after my brother. We’ve kept in touch over the years and it’s one of those places I look forward to visiting each year. :))


Of People who Host

Something I found extremely hilarious is how the hosts are always passionate about taking care of the guests. Ah Sim would constantly offer us drinks, desserts, festive goodies and stuff, and we’d keep telling her to take a sit and just enjoy chatting with us.

But she wasn’t the only one. Later on when we went to laze at my brother’s house (the guy in red as shown in photo), he started to take on the role of hosting, kept checking if we are hungry, if we want to have some fruits or snacks. XD


Foodpanda Y U so bad ?

My brother wanted to host both families in his home and had placed advance order with Foodpanda and Domino Pizza, so that there would be a good mix of Chinese and western food options.

Domino Pizza arrived 15 minutes early despite heavy rain but Foodpanda just… Didn’t fulfill the order. My brother was upset and mildly annoyed but Foodpanda sent an email apology. Nothing much we can change about that, so my bro and I went to the nearby mall to buy takeaway.

Love the new KFC system! Kind of like McDonalds but even more organized. They kept their food oven, where the burgers and snacks are still categorized in the oven, but they added 2 self-checkout booths. I bought family meal and got everything I asked for within 10 minutes. :)))

We also went to another cafe to buy bakuteh and satay for my dad. Funny how they stated that they don’t charge service charge, no GST… but 30% CNY inflation charge. No 1.17, but 1.3 instead. GG.

That kind of concludes the day – two simple gatherings, quality time and even napping time for everybody. 😀

Happy Lunar New Year, everybody!

P.S.: Been making a conscious effort to call it lunar new year because our Indian neighbour said, calling it Chinese New Year seems like we’re excluding them in our celebrations, in a way.


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