#30012017 – A Full Proper Meal, Finally!

Final day of the long festive weekend!

Began the day with an awesome meal at New Fut Kai vegetarian restaurant at Jalan Besar. As we were finishing up the meal, I told my mum how this was the FIRST proper and filling meal for me since CNY celebrations began. To my surprise, my sister-in-law said that she felt the same way, hahaha.

I mean yeah, there were lots of food, lots of house visits but there’s always the worry of judgment and inconvenience of finding a toilet. So I would refrain from eating the food and drinks. Let’s just say New Fut Kai saved the day! 😀

We’ve been going to this restaurant since ages ago and they’ve undergone several major changes, such as relocation and change of management team. But their food has been nothing but impressive and I really recommend vegan food lovers to pay them a visit.

Two best dishes – vegan sharks fin soup and roasted pork. The latter is much more expensive during the CNY period though, just FYI.

My eldest brother and sis-in-law went to Suntec City to check out the baby fair after the meal. My initial plan was to take a walk at the nearby City Square Mall but mum was feeling too cool to walk. (hahaha) We decided to the bus down to Chinatown Point instead, another one of my favourite places to go!

Saw the CNY rooster mascot from afar and mum was like…

‘That hardly looks like a chicken, more like a vase.’

I’m sorry, whoever designed this. (chuckles)

I spotted the magazine and newspaper vending machine in Chinatown Point and was telling my mum how more people would be losing their jobs. My only problem with it is how they only accept payment by EZ-link cards. (-_-“)>

My mum and I wanted to try out the machine, and we literally had to rummage through our bag to find an EZ-link card. Mum uses a concession card while I’ve already changed to NETS Flashpay for convenience.

The machine is similar to the snacks machine back in my poly days but improvised with a new rod on top to nudge the paper after the rolling process. That means the item will definitely drop! Yay to no more scamming machine. Can’t even count the number of times I was cheated of my lunch back in school.

Many of our friends and relatives were saying how the Chinese traditions are dying, with seemingly lesser people hiring lion dance troupes, making it a quieter festive celebrations. Mum was saying that by the time the older generations are gone, these cultures would be fading too.

Then we saw this sister and brother duo at Coffeebean, playing with their lion dance getup. I believe they are foreigners? And it wasn’t just wearing the lion head and playing mindlessly. You can actually see them mimic some of the classic moves, even kneeling down to do the bow. (^_^)

Mum was telling me how one of them seems to be doing a better job, then she realized the other one (sister) was wearing qipao.

“Ah, she’s wearing qipao no wonder her actions are more confined~”

Not sure why but I found her observation amusing, in a loving sort of way. 🙂

Châteraisé – My Must-Visit at Chinatown Point

Another highlight of Chinatown Point that I love has to be the Châteraisé outlet, which by the way, seems to have a variety of pronunciation. Share-To-Rah-Zee or Share-To-Hai-Zee? For my friends, it’s just “that Share-Ter something bakery”. XD

I really love their double fantasy puff, which is more fragrant than sweet and not filled to the brim, just as I like it to be. Also decided to try out their shaved ice ($2.20) and it was great, similar to snow ice. :)))

Working Out to feel less guilty

As much as I’ve successfully avoided snacks and sweet drinks during house visits, I still feel a little guilty after all the Châteraisé and New Fut Kai awesomeness.

So… Time to get on the gym bike!

Can I just say… I’ve been having immense fun on my gym bike? It’s the one time I can shut out everything else (worries, people, thoughts) and just focus on working out.

Some time ago, I’ve been watching The Fat Doctor series on YouTube. It’s said that there’s a high success rate for gastric bypass surgeries patients but the one case they’ve featured where the patient didn’t wake from the anesthesia was actually a young patient with heart problems.

Somehow that made me realize the importance of keeping my heart healthy, and one of the main reasons why I wanted a gym bike.

An Hour with my gym bike

I can’t ride a real bike and even if I can, I feel like there’s so much to worry about – danger on the road, pedestrians, routes, road condition and possibly the worst of all, the idea that it’s a journey from point A to point B, which is mostly likely to be a place with food.

With gym bike, you’d end where you started, in the middle of my room! (chuckles)

Days ago when I first began riding the bike, I could only ride for about 10 minutes. It’s been close to a month since I first started and I managed to ride over an hour, completing about 40km!

Got to give credit to the music too. I use the 20-minute workout house music I found on YouTube and –

First 20 minutes: Music Speed 0.9x
Casual riding (about 20km/h speed) for first 2 minutes
Intense riding (40km/h) for next 2 minutes
Slowing down to about 18km/h during song transitions
Most of the time resistance set to 1.

Second 20 minutes: Music Speed 1.1x
Alternating speed for roughly every minute (depending on song beats)
Slowing down during song transitions
Resistance set to 4 during intense riding

Third 20 minutes: Music Speed 1.2x
Casual riding for 30 seconds
Intense riding up to 45km/h for 1 minute
Slowing down during song transitions
For the last few minutes of alternating(I lost count, haha), resistance set to 6

As the music was sped up for the 2nd and 3rd replays, I’d then set bike resistance to 4, riding about 20km/h to sort of cool down until the time was up!

Oh! I made it a point to drink water when I hit 10km, 15km, 20km, 25km marks, and then during the song transitions thereafter. Then it was a lot of stretching and walking around before sitting down to rest. Completed the routine close to 10pm, then it was doing some work before bathing time, and then more stretching of muscles before bedtime, especially for the hips.

I find the hips stretching important because gym bike is slightly different from actual bikes, and when you’re riding, I feel that the legs tend to be stretching more… outwards? So stretching the hips help to sort of… realign everything and relief the strain.


So far so good! The gym bike looks set to be my best friend this year. I’ve completed my first 100km on it so far~ Woots! Feeling inspired and ready to get back to work. (Nah, not really. HAHAHA)



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