#01022017 – Some things are worth fighting for

It’s been one month since I first started #DailyDiary, thank you everyone who has visited, liked and commented. This is a journal series to make sure every day was well-spent socially and psychologically, and your support makes this journey even more fulfilling! ūüôā


Took a trip down to Tampines to buy a new luggage as a gift for an acquainted venerable in Thailand. My parents would be visiting later this month and they’d be bringing it to him.

Although I am not a follower of the Thailand Buddhism, I have a lot of respect and gratitude towards this venerable. He came to Singapore to pray when my dearest grandfather passed away, and also came to bless my brother’s house before they got married and moved in.

[Gosh I couldn’t find the photos]

He came to Singapore last December. I remember sending him off at the airport when I knelt down to try and zip up¬†the side pocket of his luggage only to realize the zip had spoilt. Then I noticed the¬†support on the opposite of his two-wheel luggage wasn’t tucked in and tried to push them in…. Spoilt, too.

I looked up and he¬†gave me a sheepish smile. For a moment, he reminded me of my grandfather. :’) And I thought to myself,¬†I’m going to buy him a new luggage.¬†

śäēŚÖ∂śČÄŚ•Ĺ-Make People happy the way they like

One thing I’ve learnt about treating people nice is doing what makes¬†them happy. For example, I am a tech geek and my friend may be a beauty guru. So in order to make her happy, I¬†would get a beauty-related gift that¬†she would like.

So the hunt for a new luggage begins and I went quite a few places. Yes, there are plenty of designs to choose from but I had to find one that’s similar to what he has – the classic fabric material, compact and has a side zip.

The only thing I changed was to find one with four wheels, so he wouldn’t have to lug his stuff around at his age. ^_^

On my trip out with a friend last month, I finally found what I was looking for, albeit wrong colour. (You know how Thais and the colour black aren’t friends right?) But… It’s the best I could find and I was running out of time!

Lugged it home, even had to carry it up a double decker bus because the vehicle was so packed. Anyway, I did it! It was a long journey home, but worth every bit of trouble for him. Can’t wait for him to start using it. :)))

Meeting my Buddy for her overdue Gifts

Later at night, I met up with Poh, one of my closest friends to pass her the long overdue Christmas (IKR) and CNY goodies I had bought for her.

So…¬†You know your friendship is close enough when you can tell her directly that you’re worried the festive goodies wouldn’t be fresh. Hahaha. Of course she gave me a slightly… questioning and *raise brows* look but we’re still friends so I guess it’s cool…? XD

And I was wrong. I¬†haven’t really gotten over the friendship I had to let go of. So I¬†told her the entire story… only to hear how ridiculous I sound, the things I did to try and make things work. Made me realize how stupid I was so… Another overwhelming sense of liberation.

A Late Night House Visit

While I was out, mum texted me saying that there are guests at our home having a drink with my dad.

…that’s the awkward thing about Chinese New Year for me.

Feels like I’m turning up to ASK¬†for a red packet if I return home, so… I went to NTUC for a walk. By the time I got home, the guests were still around and thankfully, they didn’t comment about me being ‘just in time to angbao‘, because I’m not that kind of person!

I’ve even been avoiding my neighbours (kinda) just so they wouldn’t feel obliged to give me a red packet. I think red packets are supposed to be for well-wishes and¬†it isn’t something singles should take for granted, or purposely meet other people for. That would defeat the whole purpose.

Have I said how nice it is to see my parents having fun with people their age? I went back to my room so that they could chat freely without worrying about an outsider of their age group. (chuckles)

Also, my eyes were extremely strained and I went to bed to get some rest. But I did wake up to send off the guests! They are really nice people afterall, always taking care of my dad and being such great companions. Cannot be more grateful that my dad has these friends.

The Significance of Chinese New Year

While mum and I were out, we had a brief discussion about the significance of Chinese New Year. She was saying how relieved she was that it’s over, which¬†was what started the discussion in the first place.

Both of us had been looking forward to CNY but for different reasons. Mum was looking forward to getting over the festive season while I was looking forward to meeting the important people in our lives.

One of my biggest heartaches in this life is losing my grandparents very early on in my life. Had I not lost them so soon, maybe I wouldn’t have cherished the elderly people in my life now.

So every CNY season since becoming an adult, I started to embrace meeting these family friends. It’s the one chance I get to hold their hands, talk to them, take a closer look at them, see how they have changed for the better or for the worse.

If you think about it, every chance you are holding on to them is one less chance you now have left.

And body language speaks a volume. You can tell by the temperature of their hands, how rough their hands may be, and most importantly, how they reciprocate your feelings. Sometimes when you give their hands a little squeeze, they’d hold on and you’d be able to feel what they are thinking.

Sometimes they squeeze your hands even tighter and their facial expression softens.¬†Even in the worst case scenario, they don’t respond to your gesture at all but that gives you an idea of what they think of you.¬†Either way, you get a message from them, clearer than any words can ever relay.

The scariest thing about CNY used to be the judgement you may get –

How’s your results?
What school are you in?
Why you gained SO MUCH weight?
Why so many pimples?
How much are you earning?
When are you getting married?

But now, to me, the scariest thing about CNY is when there’s someone you wish you can get in touch with but have long lost the chance.

Sure, some people say I live in constant fear of loss, but I’d rather live knowing that the things I have and the people I meet are not going to be around forever. I’d cherish them and love them as much as I can so that someday when I lose them, I know I have given them some warmth, some consolation, some love. And we can both move on with no regrets.

And yes, cherishing isn’t just for the festive season. But it’s the minimal I can do for those I love. BARE minimal. The very basic.

Hello February.


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