#31012017 – Friends.

I love Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory but I’m willing to have him laugh at me for believing in horoscope, as it has given me so much relief lately.

Do you believe in horoscope?

I found it exceptionally useful in understanding the people around me, and why our friendships don’t necessarily work out, or why we get along so well.


Like how it’s in some horoscope’s nature not to reply text messages, for example, my dad. Or how they are ever-changing and you have to be accommodating if you want the relationship to work out. And how some people would always be living in their dream bubble, going around to socialize but overlooking the friends who truly give a damn about them.

Horoscope is good for understanding, but that doesn’t justify the things we do wrong. Just because I’m a Leo doesn’t give me the right to be overpowering and emotionally unstable. It’s more about understanding yourself and putting in the effort to be a better person.

I’ve always been puzzled about why some relationships don’t work out but I guess I don’t anymore. Maybe we are just too different and unwilling to accommodate each other. That’s fine. Cool. I can finally move on. 🙂

On the other hand, there are friends who always stay.

People, especially the Chinese, tend to be guarded towards the in-laws. Somehow, our in-laws have become some of my parents’ best friends. Same thing – understanding, accommodating, compromising from both parties.

Initially they had decided on Japanese steamboat dinner at a mall but understanding how my dad is ‘frugal’, they took the initiative to change the venue to a coffee shop nearby when we hadn’t said anything. Our in-laws are elders in age but I really appreciate their understanding and love for my parents. :’)


Later that evening, I booked a vacation to Penang next week, together with my mum, my brother and sister-in-law. Again, there are some things you would do only for those closest to your heart.

Like I’ve said, I dislike travelling. I understand that it’s important to check out the world but I prefer a certain extent of stability in my life. I enjoy routines, systematic living and being at my home base.

But I decided to go forth with the vacation anyway. Thanks to Facebook, my mum is dying to see the festive lights in Penang! And going out with her children makes her happier than anything else in the world. Don’t get me wrong – she loves my dad, but in a more… debate-and-compete kind of way. They are polar opposites and yeah, my dad is dying to be excluded from the vacation.

Today isn’t so much about the celebrations, gatherings or routines. It’s so much more about letting go of things that don’t last, that don’t belong to me, and understanding that appreciation of things that work out, is so much more important than trying hard to fit into places where you don’t.


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