#03022017 – Hold My Hand, Human!

My dad was a workaholic when we were young, and we hardly spent time together.

I’d wake at 6am to prepare for school and he would have just woken up by the time I was leaving. Our principal told us that ‘good children go to bed by 8pm’ but my dad would only be home by midnight. So I’d defy the order and stay up till he is home. I guess that’s why I became nocturnal now?

Anyway, my point is that, one thing my mum would always tell us is not to call my dad while he is at work. She’s always worried that he may be working on machines and didn’t want him to worry about the family. She didn’t want us calling him without a valid reason, but if it is something to worry about, she’d say not to make him worry and become distracted at work.

Bottom line – Don’t disturb my dad while he’s at work.

That was the concept we grew up with, that people at work should be allowed to work in peace. So this afternoon, I received a call from my neighbour, who was at work when she received a call saying her dog has been barking non-stop.

I guess little Miko was also feeling the TGIF blues, barking for attention.

So I went over to check on her and she was fine! She just wanted me to hold her hand, let her do some licking and loving.


After she’s done, she went back to playing with her toys rather cheerfully. She didn’t even look back at me!

So I sent my neighbour this photo reassuring her that the dog is fine in an attempt to stop her from worrying.

Maybe it’s just me, but I felt like even if the dog threw a tantrum, there’s no need to call her and make her worry at work? It isn’t constructive and it isn’t good for her job. Moreover, giving in to a dog’s tantrum would only make it her bad habit exploiting people, isn’t it?

It’s little concepts like these that my mum inculcate in us that I learn to appreciate now that I’m an adult. 🙂


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