#04022017 – Lou Yeesang!

It all began as a casual joke.

I was squatting down in a corner of my room when my sister-in-law came into my room.

‘Why are you squatting in a corner? This is your house lei! ^_^’

…that’s actually just a habit of mine, squatting down in corners, probably because it feels safe…. in a weird way.  😀

Anyway, my sis-in-law was commenting that I look a little pitiful? And somehow the conversation went on to how pitiful I was some years ago, when I prepared yeesang but no one came to our home in those 15 days to lou with me. On the 15th day (last day) of CNY that year, I was in my room by myself, mixing the yeesang and finishing it by myself. That was the REALLY sad thing.

And for the record, don’t ever do that because you get a horrible stomachache after that!

So she asked if I prepared yeesang this year and the answer was… yes. Then we started to plan for a get together so that the tragic history wouldn’t repeat itself.

And that day was today!

There’s a brand of vegan yeesang I’ve been buying every year – Earthen Pot! Vegan because my eldest brother is vegetarian and I’m not a fan of stinky salmon and abalone. (/_\)

My sisters-in-law are SUPER game. We went to buy carrots and cucumbers to add to the original set, and then it was half an hour of peeling and shredding. And here it is –


Hard to believe it’s our last year spending CNY as 7 pax. My nephew would be 6 months old next CNY! ^_^

Stop testing my patience, Pokemon GO

On a much sadder note, I’m losing patience with PokemonGO! Since the Halloween specials, I’ve been looking forward to their specials for Christmas and New Year but nope… nothing new.

To make things worse, the game is becoming extremely buggy. It’s hard to spin pokestops, sometimes the Pokemons become smaller instead of loading the battle scene as you try to catch them, and the worst thing of all happened today – took ages to load the game, only to have the pokestops not show up at all. 😦


Being a bit OCD, I want to at least get to level 30 but my patience is really wearing thin.


Okay to end on a cheery note…

After the family yeesang gathering, I saw this on IG, which made me laugh. You know how people tend to overeat on CNY? This is SUCH consolation. 


Note to self: Have to get on the gym bike tomorrow!


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