#05022017 – Releasing Pressure

Sundays are mostly good days. 🙂

I had plan to prepare my own breakfast today but woke to mum saying that my dearest dad is bringing us out for breakfast. Yay! …okay not really because there’s really nothing much at the food court we were going. (cries) #FirstWorldPain

Been spending time on my laptop this afternoon as the RAM is slower, and I can stop myself from loading YouTube to watch the news. Got a lot of work done and was really proud of myself!

And the best thing that happened today, was meeting my closest friends for dinner at AMK! Our occasional gatherings may be brief but they are solid quality time that I love. We can talk about all kind of things (PG), from school, work, news, politics, beauty products, animals to the random-est things we come across. The best part is not having to worry about offending one another. PLUS! It’s one of those times we actually put our smartphones away and… talk nonsense. XD


Had to steal a photo from my bestie because I kept my phone! The baked rice was… overbaked? Both of us ordered dishes with a baked rice base, so we had to ask the waiter for a bottle of ketchup and do the flavouring ourselves. Sad, but effective. Ultimately, delicious, and that’s all that matters. ^_^

Oh right, while waiting for Miao (another bestie) to arrive, we went for a walk and saw this fake fire at Collin’s. Super cool! I’m guessing it’s some sort of dry ice coupled with light effects. Super mesmerizing.

Fake fire at Collin's, super cool!

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Sometimes It’s Best to Let Go

Being with my two closest friends always bring about some sort of clarity to my life, the little things that may be bugging me subconsciously.

After the meet up, I got home and put a formal closure to a friendship that wasn’t working.

Have you ever felt a tug of war between your heart and mind when it comes to some relationships, be it friendship or love? You really want things to work out but realistically, deep down, you KNOW that it wouldn’t? But your obsession to make things work out overpowers your sense of logic and you refuse to let go?

So tonight I set myself free.

Spending time with my closest friends made me see what’s most important to me – my family, my besties, my work. There’s no space for anything else, like luxury, excessive friendships or socializing outside of the professional and daily environment.

If anything, I should place my own feelings above making other friends happy. I don’t want to waste my time humoring people who would never look back when I need them. I don’t want to waste my time prioritizing friendships where I’m not even an option.

So tonight I set myself free.

And this time it’s for real. It’s clearing up the air, setting records straights, and cut off contact on mutual understanding. It’s a little sad for a short while, but I feel MUCH better now. There are many things in life that I want to pursue and no friendship should be getting in my way.

I believe you feel the same way too.

Sometimes the wisest thing about friendships that don’t work,
is learning to walk away before you start hating each other. 

Now time to get back onto the gym bike before bathing and resting!



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